Running a Tumbler for 1 WEEK

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 30, 2019
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    Today we're taking a tumbler and letting it run for a whole week to see what it does to the things inside.

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  • El tekiii

    El tekiii


    Ive never heard of this lol 😂😂😂😂

  • JayNo2x



    Why the fun dip

  • dirt_monkey



    Most tumblers say you have to have mineral oil or soapy water in the tumbler during use.

  • jred7


     7 days ago

    Weren't through about 3 of these and they all crapped out on me within a week or two.

  • Robin Mccracken

    Robin Mccracken

     7 days ago

    What about a tin foil ball.

  • TheAngelChaz


     7 days ago

    Im a little worried about that sterling silver ring if thats only been out for a year the sterling silver rings ive worn for 5+ years don't have anywhere near that tarnishing

  • Azahar Lionhart

    Azahar Lionhart

     7 days ago

    You guys talk to much

  • Jp Guzman

    Jp Guzman

     7 days ago

    Make a tumbler post about this

  • Jeff Slagle

    Jeff Slagle

     7 days ago

    No it’s designed for polishing brass for reloading spent ammo, and while I’m at it, as to your sand blasting video, it’s bass wood like the fish not base like baseball. 😬 also they are not meant to run for a week dingdong, you would be amazed at what happens in hours. And the black is more than likely the walls of the tub of the tumbler, the materials you use determine the outcome of the materials you put in there. 🤔

  • Aaron Talbot

    Aaron Talbot

     7 days ago

    That key had better not be for your house, I've already got a replica ;)

  • Donald Lariviere

    Donald Lariviere

     14 days ago

    I thought the fundip was xanax lmaoo

  • Itr 1244

    Itr 1244

     14 days ago

    this is some useless shxt lol

  • guitarman 0102

    guitarman 0102

     14 days ago

    Do foods

  • Eric a

    Eric a

     14 days ago

    Y'all funny. Why you put a bunch of hard objects together in there? They just beat each other up 😆

  • Makarov 9x18

    Makarov 9x18

     14 days ago

    Is this still at Grant's house?

  • Olaf Donajgrodzki

    Olaf Donajgrodzki

     14 days ago

    Take different stones?



     14 days ago

    He is to long winded

  • Mira Does Nothing

    Mira Does Nothing

     14 days ago

    Sponsored by Dr Pepper.

  • the alt-flight.

    the alt-flight.

     14 days ago

    It could have easily exploded due to the aluminium you put in there, genius...

  • Caleb Drake

    Caleb Drake

     14 days ago

    I've always used crushed walnut shells and some brasso for my ammo cases