A 17 Year Old Pokemon Mystery FINALLY SOLVED! | Gnoggin - UnOwN Theory

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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    This Pokemon Mystery has taken quite some time to be deciphered, but I think I've got it! From Pokemon the 3rd Movie, these Unown are doing a lot more than changing reality and making a dad turn into Entei... Today we decipher the Unown Code!

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    Gnoggin is where gamers and geeks use their heads. Discovering the science behind various aspects of games. Developing one video game theory after another. We focus more on games like Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, (pretty much Nintendo) but we also go through other games from time to time as well! Even comic books and a film theory from time to time. From Minecraft to Halo, lets explore the psychology of many characters, the anatomy of mythical races, and the technology of fantasy worlds. Click that Subscribe and Bell button to get your bi-weekly dose of brain exercise for nerds.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/KkcyKAiifbo


  • Cryothia


     a years ago +3445

    3:56 Before Gen 7, we had Gen 6

    Truer words have never been said, Lockstin

  • Sevecek András

    Sevecek András



  • xXStevenHerbavoreXx


     4 days ago

    I can appreciate the theory but that hair creeps me out. XD

  • D_icon9 D

    D_icon9 D

     4 days ago

    G= galar

  • that_kid nobody_notices

    that_kid nobody_notices

     4 days ago

    Hm, come to think of it, you could argue that the "crystal pillars" are actually ice. Gen 5 had Kuyrem. Which made stuff really really cold.

  • Trace Antonacci

    Trace Antonacci

     5 days ago

    The place where the Unown are found is called The Ruins of Alph. Arceus is classified as the Alpha Pokemon. Or it could just be short for "alphabet."

  • Erich Corbett

    Erich Corbett

     5 days ago

    Your voice sounds like the Oxhorn of Pokemon

  • Sparkly Mop

    Sparkly Mop

     7 days ago

    I want this man's hair. It is glorious.

  • Joh447


     7 days ago

    i just realized the two mascot unknowns spell GF for GameFreak. those cheeky bastards!

  • VexB


     7 days ago +1

    5:06 when you realize your on drugs

  • Gummy Bee Boi

    Gummy Bee Boi

     7 days ago

    Little eyeball dudes I see

  • Dire B

    Dire B

     7 days ago

    the ? looks like an m to me.

  • #twiceloncel b

    #twiceloncel b

     7 days ago


  • Cipher Aeon

    Cipher Aeon

     7 days ago

    This guy looks like jamie madrox from Twiztid

  • Norah Ashe

    Norah Ashe

     7 days ago

    Well, that was disappointing.

  • Itz_Ttan52 _

    Itz_Ttan52 _

     14 days ago

    Boys I'm from the future g is for ... GALAR

  • Batuhan Cetin

    Batuhan Cetin

     14 days ago

    0:06 is that loss?

  • Emma Rickerby

    Emma Rickerby

     21 days ago

    He's looking at you

  • Emma Rickerby

    Emma Rickerby

     21 days ago

    You are game and film theory

  • keldeo master007 data base

    keldeo master007 data base

     21 days ago +1

    As soon as he mentioned “another reality” I immediately thought of ultra beasts