How Quentin Tarantino Steals From Other Movies | The Art Of Film

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 25, 2019
  • Whether you are a film buff or not, everyone has heard of the name Quentin Tarantino. His razor-sharp dialogues and graphic violence are some of his major trademarks. But what truly sets him apart from every other filmmaker is how he steals from other movies.

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    How Quentin Tarantino Steals From Other Movies | The Art Of Film
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  • wowzer


     3 months ago +5177

    BEFORE YOU COMMENT: Insider uses the word steal as it is the word Tarantino uses in an interview they reference. So CHILL

  • Gerald Sierveld

    Gerald Sierveld

     an hour ago

    What Tarantino does is create "HOMAGES" -- which is giving respect -- to other directors...he steals NOTHING. Period (so shut your hole).

  • Carol McNamara

    Carol McNamara

     an hour ago

    Is it me or does this dude use the word homage really oddly?!

  • Shaun Hensley

    Shaun Hensley

     3 hours ago

    Tarantino has said this from the beginning

  • flyer7799


     3 hours ago

    Tarantino has created cinematic genius! The End!

  • Tira A

    Tira A

     3 hours ago +2

    Some people called it lack of creativity. dont tell me that “oh he made it in more unique ways so he’s creative guy” shit. No. Tell me when someone steal your work and try to make it like it was theirs.

  • Peter O

    Peter O

     4 hours ago

    Can’t stand that scrunched up faced fool

  • Andrew Hawkins

    Andrew Hawkins

     4 hours ago

    Reservoir Dogs came out in 1992 not 1997. He'll, You could have Googled that. That hurts The credibility of this video.

  • 1truenamekian


     5 hours ago

    So hes uncreative
    Not unlike a white person I'd say

  • Jesse Yules Film

    Jesse Yules Film

     5 hours ago

    Many filmmakers get their ideas from other movies. If your interested in avoiding cliche and moving the medium forward, Herzog recommends reading novels and working at unconventional day jobs to build up real life experience.

  • B A

    B A

     6 hours ago

    He even steals his quotes!! Haha

  • Erik Assis Castro

    Erik Assis Castro

     6 hours ago

    Shakespeare did the same thing

  • Back To Eden

    Back To Eden

     6 hours ago

    you can find imitation in all works after the 1940s

  • Ayita Lightfoot

    Ayita Lightfoot

     7 hours ago

    Yeah well..unpopular as my opinion may sick of the samo samo in movies...period..its to the point I can guess the words before they r said..i crave something new..hollyweird has not been around forever..geesus theres gotta be a fresh brain out there somewhere

  • Monk Kenyon

    Monk Kenyon

     7 hours ago

    Jacky brown was not ripped off foxy..he got it from the book Jacky White. And the theft thing you are piling into Tarentinos mouth he was saying every single artist in this field had stolen because everything has been done. Ifyou make a zombie movie, notice how you wouldn't call it stealing, because they categorized it. Like a cop movie or anything else. Every director has stolen in some way or another. He isn't a plagiarist, he makes his own movies. Now if he stole entire plots then ok, but you can take someone walking down the street as a theft.

  • Sudipta Bera

    Sudipta Bera

     8 hours ago

    But he's very good at it though

  • timowthie


     9 hours ago

    This is what al artist do. Concept artist literally get multiple photos and bash them together to create something new.

  • André Benites

    André Benites

     9 hours ago

    Wait... WHAT??

    That is what it's in the suitcase?? It makes perfect sense, but I don't think it is something we are sure about rather than a lot of people theorize. I'm pretty sure I saw an interview that Tarantino said he always get crazy fan theories about it like "the lincoln letter is in the suitcase" or something

  • John Shope

    John Shope

     10 hours ago

    Tarintino is Hip-Hop - It’s the word Quintin used himself in this instance, sure, but regular people on the street say that stuff about Hip-Hop all the time, failing to see how they’ve taken a small part or multiple small parts of different things and transformed them into something entirely modern, new and different. QT has been doing the same with film since day one and for me, those are the best moments where you pick up the reference but honestly, like they said in this video, it is often missed but you get this overall vibe from the scenes that may take from one thing but give you something entirely different. Genius level shit.

  • Allen Carrera

    Allen Carrera

     10 hours ago

    Reservoir Dogs was 1992, not 1997