Stephen Colbert tells the story of when he knew his wife Evie was the one + Evie's cameo on the show

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 17, 2019
  • They just radiate love and fellowship.

    When Colbert was asked in the Q&A before the show about when he knew his wife Evie was the one, the most adorable thing followed. I added Evie's cameo on the show and the 2018 Emmys Glambot kiss because they are just so damn cute!
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  • jbarn49



    OMG! I sneezed while watching this BEFORE he told about the sneeze blessing!  (Of course, I've sneezed several times the last couple of days.)

  • Karma Reaper

    Karma Reaper


    2:25 guy in background oops let me just walk back in to the dark place.

  • speaklike adults

    speaklike adults

     2 days ago

    Love your story.

  • Summer English

    Summer English

     3 days ago

    Who knew that Stephen Colbert was so sweet? What a delight to see people in love!

  • J. B.

    J. B.

     3 days ago

    Has anyone noticed that TV programs show mostly divorcees and unmarrieds? Except for perhaps 'Everybody loves Raymond' and a couple of others. We need MORE EXAMPLES of love-filled happy marriages on TV!!!!

  • NYsun flower

    NYsun flower

     3 days ago

    He is so adorable

  • Nigol T.

    Nigol T.

     4 days ago


  • DemocracyUS


     5 days ago

    Love it  💕

  • Unknown Koala

    Unknown Koala

     5 days ago

    this man can tell a story damn

  • Renata Gross

    Renata Gross

     5 days ago

    I Love this story Soooo Much. I love the way He Loves his Evie !!!

  • Chuck Grothaus

    Chuck Grothaus

     5 days ago

    Colbert is one of the smartest men on Earth - in many, many ways. And he knows how to tell a story.

  • Bonnie greatorex

    Bonnie greatorex

     5 days ago

    Love that story!!❤️

  • Cigar Box Guitar

    Cigar Box Guitar

     5 days ago

    Stephen Colbert for President. I'm being serious.

  • Jay-Dee Forrester

    Jay-Dee Forrester

     6 days ago

    Did he just say Allen Ginsberg and Phillip Glass in the same sentence?

  • Robert van Driel

    Robert van Driel

     6 days ago

    I'll never forget meeting my wife. To beautiful, to perfect, to intelligent. I never thought I would have a shot. I woke at 2 am a day after meeting her thinking how can this be possible. I never met anyone else like her, she's perfect. I ended up marrying her and 30 years later watching this clip I have tears. To love a woman, to really love a woman, a man is lucky. I thank god every day. I love my wife.

  • Margy McKenzie

    Margy McKenzie

     6 days ago

    i love this story...i love how he tells it

  • Bree Gilbert

    Bree Gilbert

     7 days ago +1

    Wiping the tears of joy from my eyes. Oh, to find a love hair that good.💖



     7 days ago

    For all the commenting people. I don't think love happens that often as we are used to think but sometimes the meeting of coincidents makes you stop and think... and a quote 'Chance and chance alone has a message for us. Everything that occurs out of necessity, everything expected, repeated day in and day out, is mute…We read its message much as Gypsies read the images made by coffee grounds at the bottom of a cup… Necessity knows no magic formulae–they are all left to chance. If a love is to be unforgettable, fortuities must immediately start fluttering down to it like birds to Francis of Assissi’s shoulders.' The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

  • Terri Ensberg

    Terri Ensberg

     7 days ago

    Fantastic story!

  • whatissixbynine42


     7 days ago

    luv dis