How to REALLY Become A Millionaire

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 7, 2016
  • How to REALLY Become Millionaire. Patrick Bet-David discusses the timeline, elements and intangibles of what it really takes to become a millionaire.

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    Time Stamps:
    The Wealth Timeline- 1:41

    The 4 Elements- 2:30

    The Intangibles: 11:20

    Success Quote and Challenge: 14:00

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  • Valuetainment


     1 months ago +3

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  • KaptainBasketball



    This is my schedule:
    Monday to Friday:
    -I wake up at 8
    -get ready by 8:30
    -track the premarket since I trade(look for news or anything I need to know)
    -trade for 1h30
    -watch 2 hours of videos(real estate,business,trading,investing,sales/marketing and coding)
    -read books for 4 hours
    -go to college(even though I make a very good income from trading at 18, parents want me to go so I go)
    -On the way to college I watch an hour podcast)
    -on the way back from college I study my green book that I write on about the info I got from my books
    -At 10 I’m back home and watch an hour of coding videos and code
    -I then spend 45 min watching a show and then 15 min to get ready to go to sleep and sleep by 12

    Saturday and Sunday:
    -4 hours of learning 4 different languages
    -2 hours of YouTube videos for learning
    -After this it’s extremely hard for me, but I tell myself to just relax even though I really wanna work but yeah lol

    -I used to do the same when I used to play basketball and lift, but I had an illness 3 years ago that made me have constant severe inflammation on my SI joint and stopped me from achieving that dream.It pretty much left me handicapped(can hardly walk,sleep or sit) So now I just took that same work ethic and put it into something else💪💪💪

  • Chamo Garcia

    Chamo Garcia

     4 days ago

    Fucking awesome video.



     5 days ago

    Trump became the 45th president of the United States 🇺🇸

  • Udoh christian

    Udoh christian

     5 days ago

    My question, I am in the printing industry right now and I know that in the next seven to ten years the industry will be no more, are saying that I should remain in it knowing what the future holds? Please your answer will be more than appreciated.

  • kev cav

    kev cav

     6 days ago

    gotta have some muscle in your hustle -

  • ladytinter


     6 days ago

    At 16 I wanted to go to the Fashion Institute of Design. I asked my father to send the postcard back so I could get their info. He said to me why?'re just gonna get married and have kids.
    And being rebellious I didn't marry my kids father for 5 years. We ended up on a mountaintop in upstate NY. No utilities because I knew we didn't need them. In the end, I had a huge wood cookstove, 15 kerosene lamps, 2 Ashley woodstoves and a cookstove and refrigerator in year 2 that run on propane. We were a mile off the road so the only way in or out was on foot or 4-wheel drive. All the household goods came up on a tractor pulled cart or truck. He was a cheapskate so I had no money. I wanted to give my kids things. I sewed on one of my Singer treadle machines. One was an antique I didn't want to risk damaging.
    My bright idea was to do alterations. I got him to pay for a small ad to take in sewing. He loved that I wanted to make money on my own. The customers never knew I fixed their clothes on a treadle machine. I sold Avon, had toy parties for my kids to have gifts, sold Tupperware and Mary Kay. I made peanuts. We had no electricity. I was there 8 years. Then divorce and back to California.
    Fast forward to today. I'm spending 12-14 hours in my bedroom re-training myself to do affiliate marketing. Working on a divorce again with the pressure of retirement so its been a bitch. However, if you believe in yourself the effort is a joy. The struggle is fun because each task learned successfully brings so much satisfaction. So for years, I've started and stopped ventures on a mouse sized shoestring.
    Once again, as a great- grandmother, grandmother and mother I'm pursuing my dream. Raising kids alone, wanting to enjoy life and being really ignorant hurt me. As much as I read, I never knew about business mindedness.
    A lady hired me once to do outside sales for her personnel business. I told her no that I don't know how to do that. She told me but you own and run your own business! I told her no, I'm a window tinter.
    She then told me all the things that I thought were part of my work was business skills.
    Today, this video and the other 2 listened to this morning were great. I see me and now have a better blueprint for what Me needs to do. Thank you for caring and sharing the basics. Few really openly do.

  • rashed ahsan robin

    rashed ahsan robin

     7 days ago

    Thanks a lot buddy 👍!!

  • Anastazja Stark

    Anastazja Stark

     7 days ago +33

    Brilliant Video
    Making my first million became a reality when I started trading stocks as a beginner with the help of Linnea Wilma who handles all my investment portfolio.she is getting the recognition she deserves in the United states...

  • Cairo Qween

    Cairo Qween

     7 days ago

    I am addicted to this truth! I appreciate your candid expression. I needed to hear this!

  • Search For Uhuru

    Search For Uhuru

     14 days ago

    Priceless information

  • suresh kumar

    suresh kumar

     14 days ago

    Hello Patrick. I have been following your videos for a couple of days. Briefly, I am a Neuroscientist from MIT, immigrated to the US 4 years ago. This video made a lot of sense to me. Usually, I do not listen to any of these types of videos. I never watch such a video that is free from noise. Focus and deep work are the mantras for me to become a scientist. Please keep post more videos. Thanks



     14 days ago

    One more like.
    I totally like your video.
    "You have to be a lot of crazy."

  • Christoffer Nordenström

    Christoffer Nordenström

     14 days ago

    All-time musician, let's go!

  • sulaiman bah

    sulaiman bah

     14 days ago

    I just begin to follow you and i like your logic method..I'm apply it now...will get back to you

  • Do you have your Toothbrush?

    Do you have your Toothbrush?

     14 days ago

    What I appreciate most about your content is that it’s inspiring, motivating and provides the technical know how in an integrated way. I’m setting the challenge for myself to start the 80 hour week! Thank you Patrick !

  • Sandy Hohaia

    Sandy Hohaia

     14 days ago

    As an inspiring entrepreneur your content is a breath of fresh air.
    The start stop phenomena has hit me many times and I never knew why this keeps happening and this video explains it well.
    In your opinion, what would be the best way to build your emotional strength in this area?

  • Dustin Bogart

    Dustin Bogart

     21 days ago

    Let’s Go!!!

  • francisco marcial

    francisco marcial

     21 days ago

    Thank you. Simply thank you.

  • Shawn


     21 days ago

    This video is so accurate. I love it. Thank you