Cooking STEAK with Sunlight



  • Blanche


     a years ago +2667

    There's a steak on your butter.

  • _Bob McCoy

    _Bob McCoy

     a years ago +944

    Gordon Ramsay: Stay right where you are

  • Yee boi juice

    Yee boi juice

     a years ago +847

    When you can't afford to pay bills

  • Mitza1


     21 days ago +372

    Rest in peace King. :(

  • Darren Qiu

    Darren Qiu

     a years ago +1537

    In Russia we cook sunlight with steak



     a years ago +675

    when you're an environmentalist but not vegan

  • Minerva Gonzalez Gonzalez

    Minerva Gonzalez Gonzalez

     8 months ago +189

    6:29 sounded like a Minecraft when you drink a potion

  • Jake


     9 months ago +388

    0:38 and a little bit of butter

  • WiKiD15


     10 months ago +398

    Open a whole restaurant, no stove, just solar power

  • Glxph Logan

    Glxph Logan

     7 months ago +92

    This is how people from Arizona save on their gas bill

  • Yoyle 0340

    Yoyle 0340

     a years ago +120

    The sun is a deadly laser

  • lucho


     21 days ago +46

    I can’t believe this. This breaks my heart.

  • Practically Satan

    Practically Satan

     a years ago +69

    I don't really know how i keep ending up here but I'm not complaining

  • Boutros A

    Boutros A

     a years ago +1717

    "little bit" of butter... ?

  • Mishumydog


     11 months ago +208

    Do you want some steak with that butter?

  • Roderick storey

    Roderick storey


    Nobody :
    Adam Ragusea : why I season my Fresnel lens, not my cast iron

  • The Forgotten Darius Axe

    The Forgotten Darius Axe

     14 days ago +15

    I can't believe I'm watching him after the tragedy. It seems like yesterday when this video came out. Rest easy king.

  • jecksan


     1 months ago +21

    i can hear gordon ramsay shouting 'ITS RAWW' in the distance

  • Youngin Boul

    Youngin Boul

     21 days ago +12


  • scp 173

    scp 173

     2 days ago +1

    in sydney we cook kangoroo with sun and no f*king giant magnifier