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  • Animated music video parody of the movie "Kong: Skull Island"
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    Movie Musicals #33: Kong: Skull Island The Musical
    Kong is similar to a giant, lovable, singing Vietnamese teddy bear who just wants to live in peace in the jungle but is forced to swat down American invaders like bees and avenge Harambe.

    ►Script, Song, Vocals by Lhugueny
    ►Additional Vocals by WDi_40
    ►Animation by EIE Produksies

    I was a baby,
    Happy with my mom and dad.
    But then a lizzy,
    Killed them all, it made me sad.

    I was an orphan,
    Grew up grumpy and alone.
    Survived, resorted,
    And I call this island home.

    Then one day men came,
    They dropped some bombs,
    I got mad, I hate napalm,
    This is the land of Kong, not Vietnam,
    Kill while I sing this song.

    Swat a heli like a bee,
    How dare they try to shoot at me!
    I will avenge Harambe,
    I'll throw them farther than the eye can see them go,
    Watch em' tumble and roll,
    I'll stomp on the survivors if they try to stroll.
    So Today,
    You'll Lose this war like Vietnam,
    Send my regards to Uncle Sam…

    (John Goodman)
    This is perfect,
    we must explore this island.
    If there's beasts,
    S***! We gotta find 'em

    (Tom Hiddleston)
    This plan is ridiculous , but the pay's a score.
    Plus I need to stay busy 'til Infinity War.

    (Brie Larson)
    I was just cast to please the young male demographic,
    That's why my t*** get so much screen time in this cinematic.

    (John C Reilly)
    Well I don't mind, ma'am, cause its been so many years,
    Since I've seen such a rack, and it's puttin' me in tears.

    (Samuel L Jackson)
    Are you really that surprised to see my mother****in' a** here?
    I'm a badass mother****er, Kong needs to know that's clear.
    Light his balls up with my zippo and some gas,
    But like most other movies he nails my a**.

    Swat this Colonel like a bee,
    How dare this crawler attack me!
    I will avenge Harambe,
    I'll throw him farther than the eye can see him go,
    Watch him tumble and roll,
    I'll stomp on him on his scrote if he tries to be bold.
    So Today,
    Lose this war like Vietnam,
    Give my regards to Uncle Sam…

    Kill this skull crawler,
    For my father,
    He's avenged,
    So their my friends,
    And so I'll let them float,
    On their tug boat,
    I'm sad to see them go….

    (c) 2017 LHUGUENY
  • Source: https://youtu.be/KGWaqp_I0dE