Set It Up | Dating Advice | Netflix

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 16, 2018
  • 7 pieces of foolproof dating advice, courtesy of Set It Up.

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    Set It Up | Dating Advice | Netflix
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  • aleen podolski

    aleen podolski

     a years ago

    So this is what Rose doin after st vladimir? 😂

  • Wahtukule o/

    Wahtukule o/

     a years ago

    release date
    NOW !!!
    pls? 🤨

  • Vince Vermeulen

    Vince Vermeulen

     a years ago

    Thirty gas differ yltpou appointment visit post job lie produce park behind.

  • KylìanKD500 Kinkyl

    KylìanKD500 Kinkyl

     a years ago

    This movie is the worse movie and the movie trashy movie I’ve ever watched, we all expect happy ending from the two lovers. Why is this movie even on Netflix, this shouldn’t even be a movie, from 1-10 I rate it a 0

  • Peleg Bachar

    Peleg Bachar

     a years ago


  • Беатрис ·

    Беатрис ·

     a years ago

    loooove this movie!

  • Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez

     a years ago

    Better than that stupid overhype Kissing Booth

  • Prem's Writing

    Prem's Writing

     a years ago

    Roses are red. Women are useless. Valentine's Day is canceled. Please get the fuck off my property.

  • HIareUmad


     a years ago

    This movie is full of hateable assholes, it's awful

  • Cassowary


     a years ago

    The production looks very low budget, looks like a web series. Not interested.

  • DJ to pc and mobile

    DJ to pc and mobile

     a years ago


  • Rodney Williams

    Rodney Williams

     a years ago

    HAHAHAHA NETFLIX!!! WRETCHED CREATURE MICHELLE WOLF, IN ADDITION TO ISLAMIC TERRORISTS BARACK OBAMA AND SUSAN RICE, NETFLIX IS DYING!!! 634,000 (always over-reported), more like 300,000 and no reports on how many subscriptions lost (I'm sure millions since you refuse to listen to your customers). NOW YOU SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. THIS IS HIIIIIIIILARIOUS!!! YOU LIBTURDS ARE GETTING EVERYTHING YOU DESERVE!!!

  • mcyrus27


     a years ago +4

    This movie was great fun loved it

  • lalo paps

    lalo paps

     a years ago +13

    wait why is it vertical ?

  • Tonyboss 354

    Tonyboss 354

     a years ago

    The black guy is the bad guy at the end and the 2 poor people get together

  • Kam


     a years ago +1

    I'm a hard sell for comedies but I Looooooved this one.

  • piratecheese13


     a years ago

    did you film this vertical/ are trying to avoid copyright?
    why the blurry sidebars?

  • Carlos Henrique1

    Carlos Henrique1

     a years ago +1

    Queremos mais episódios de Naruto Shippuden dublado

  • Viena Flores

    Viena Flores

     a years ago

    Cuando podrían sacar la 3 temporada de izombie
    Necesito verla 🙃🙃

  • Bruce John Shourt

    Bruce John Shourt

     a years ago

    Stupid vertical videos.