The Complete Dragon Ball Z Timeline | Get In The Robot

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 27, 2019
  • Dragon Ball Z isn’t all about screaming, it’s a series that everybody knows and loves but may not fully remember. With large and in charge characters like Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Gohan, Cell, and more (we can go on forever), it’s hard to remember the smaller things that happened. So we’re going to go through the entirety of Dragon Ball Z, and take you through the complete Dragon Ball Z timeline.

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    Credits for This Episode
    Researched by: Dan McQuade
    Written by: Dan McQuade
    Hosted by: Yedoye Travis
    Edited by: Shawn Convery
    Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen
    Produced by: Adrian Apolonio
    Co-Producers: Casey Gonzalez, Nicholas Fung
    Head Writer: Casey Gonzalez
    Writing & Talent Coordinator: Dan McQuade
    Senior Graphic Designer: Alexandria Batchelor
    Programming Manager: Cade Hiser

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  • Brendan Hernandez

    Brendan Hernandez

     22 hours ago

    first time i watched Vegeta sacrifice himself i cried so hard, my mom came in so worried all i could say through the cries was “vegeta died”

  • Peter Merino

    Peter Merino

     22 hours ago

    Is this the guy that said dragon ball z was based on the African American community in the 90s???

  • Brendan Hernandez

    Brendan Hernandez

     22 hours ago

    “i don’t say tattle” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ward Style

    Ward Style


    Yes please OG DB!

  • Soviet Kirby

    Soviet Kirby


    Raditz didn't blast through farmer with a shotgun, FWAS let raditz pass. if FWAS wanted he could erase the angels , grand priest and Zenos.

  • MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart

    MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart


    Piccolo was dubbed the demon king by humans cause well look at him he has fangs claws antenna and is green he's also really strong and can maybe children that look like dragons and he's evil
    Also this piccolo is technically piccolo Jr.

  • MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart

    MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart


    They tried to wish Goku back to life but he was not dead

  • mtownboi4ya



    The things you could do in 5 mins....

  • Jennifer Wright

    Jennifer Wright

     4 days ago

    Do a Why Anime on Alice in Wonderland episodes

  • Doritina Phenix

    Doritina Phenix

     4 days ago

    Dragon Ball please #GTneverhappened!

  • Shakey


     4 days ago +7

    “Piccolo put his name on Gohan’s birth certificate” 😂😂

  • Halos and Horns

    Halos and Horns

     5 days ago

    "it's not Canon"

    🙄 Sound like your life is a filler and you can't deal.
    I can't stand "Canon lovers"

  • Tyler Awkard

    Tyler Awkard

     5 days ago

    Anyone know What the music at the end?

  • Tyler Awkard

    Tyler Awkard

     5 days ago

    I only watch these when you do the explaining tbh, the most entertaining by far lol

  • Hunter Scarborough

    Hunter Scarborough

     5 days ago

    So, is the end of Z considered filler then?

  • Matthew Eakin

    Matthew Eakin

     6 days ago

    The reason why 16-18 are stronger is because of their infinite energy generator but it makes them uncontrollable so he used an energy absorption model for 19 and himself

  • MinecraftLover8176_YT Robloxer

    MinecraftLover8176_YT Robloxer

     6 days ago +1

    lets do dragon ball super, not dragon ball

  • NeverBeBored08


     7 days ago

    If we're involving Super, can't we say Beerus gave permission to Freiza to destroy Planet Vegeta?

  • LightingShuriken


     7 days ago +1

    trains Gohan once
    Considered his dad

  • Rekeno Toujou

    Rekeno Toujou

     7 days ago

    Why do I hear bug sounds