Q&A #3: What are my Inspirations?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 24, 2015
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/K9tqp1CRKNY


  • Green Guy

    Green Guy

     3 years ago +494

    if you are a bird person then why did you get that dog

  • aj0nutube


     a years ago +54

    That heelie story is now a video

  • Alduin World Eater

    Alduin World Eater

     2 years ago +50

    I'm drawing right now. You know what inspired me? You...

  • Akward Gamer

    Akward Gamer

     2 years ago +65

    man i wish i had found Jaidens channel earlier cause shes awesome, and relate able, and gives tons of inspiration and advice and all the STUFFFFF . and i know Jaiden is probably really surprised that she is the favorite youtuber of so many people, and she probably is like "why? i'm not the best guys!" but i think i like Jaiden the most because.... well shes Jaiden! no matter what she always is funny, and relate able, and inspiring, and she never tries to be something shes not. i know a lot of youtubers who are edgy because it gets them views, but jaiden just.... doesn't. its great! because all the people who are trying to be something they're not are slowly becoming that. someone could've been the sweetest and kindest person, but sense lots of people who are edgy get views, they think that not being edgy isn't an option. and that sweet person turns into a almost edgy but not naturally edgy youtuber, and its just weird because there kinda mean but they're actually kinda nice at the same time and its just weird. but jaiden is just herself. she doesn't try to be edgy, or pretty, or "kawaii", or stuck up. she just does whatever comes naturally. and that's something not a lot of people do on youtube. that's only one reason i love watching jaiden. and why ill continue to watch her. this comment was really long, and i'm pretty sure it wont be seen by anyone ever. but its there. and i took the time to write it. and i'm happy i did. : >

  • Dinklepuffus


     2 years ago +24

    "I've always wanted a bird" it's Nearly December 2016 now, YOU GOT A BIRD YAY

  • Im Crabby

    Im Crabby

     3 years ago +538

    Like or comment if you don't like licorice either!

  • Caitlyn Draws

    Caitlyn Draws

     2 years ago +37

    the moment when Jaidens drawing with the mouse is better then yours regularly

  • The Queen of Neckbeards

    The Queen of Neckbeards

     3 years ago +280

    a ghost with a fedora... dapper napstablook confirmed!
    I'm an undertale fan deal with it suckers

  • Unicorn 101

    Unicorn 101

     3 years ago +41

    I've watched you for an hour strate today

  • ShadowKnight :p

    ShadowKnight :p

     2 years ago +7

    "i've always wanted a bird!! :3" Ya,so why did you get a "sooper expensive dog named Ari"

  • Shermanii


     2 years ago +26

    Jaiden, you and a youtuber named Fun2draw inspired me so much. I have 4 notebooks, SCHOOL NOTEBOOKS! Are filled with drawings. And thank you for that and you just earned a new subscriber :)

  • Dulldøg 31

    Dulldøg 31

     a years ago +3

    This video is foreshadowing of the ari saga

  • Two Forks

    Two Forks

     a years ago +4

    Could you draw Ari but Ari is a dragon and you are riding him?

  • Violet Hunter005

    Violet Hunter005

     a years ago +6

    Is anyone watching this after the being sick video, it definitely was a good video idea lol :p

  • _bd


     2 years ago +2

    What drawing Program do u use?

  • Fleming


     2 years ago +12

    It has been a challenging mating season for Birdperson.

  • The Mothman

    The Mothman

     3 years ago +58

    It is so soothing to watch her draw....

  • gizzyapple


     2 years ago +3

    finally, someone whos also allergic to cats (except for my dad :P)

  • Oscar Flores

    Oscar Flores

     3 years ago +11

    can u draw a panda all colerd as an rainbow please

  • Lars Kaiser

    Lars Kaiser

     4 days ago

    Hearing the part of her not being happy with her art AFTER the "face reveal" video is kinda sad...