Prepping for IRMA at GreenPowerScience 9/7/2017

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 7, 2017
  • Nervous and have dual plans for Hurricane Irma. Fortified above ground storm bunker. Plan B is shut all electricity off and LEAVE. Thoughts and prayers to EVERYONE in the path of this MONSTER.
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  • takkikayo


     2 years ago

    be safe and God bless

  • internet mail

    internet mail

     2 years ago +1

    SHARE THIS DAN. STAY SAFE. IMPORTANT ADVICE: Best of all get out of Florida full stop. Use back roads to avoid traffic jams. If you can't get out in time make sure your in a concrete building. Put kids in bathtub and protect them with mattresses pillows blankets and duvets. Get gas tanks out of house. Wear cycle crash helmets, stay in center of building, stay clear of glass. Prepare non perishable food water and matches. Put important documents and phone in waterproof container, do not store fuel in your house bury it in the garden. Turn off electricity in home. Use rope to tie yourself down to concrete. Wear eye protection.

  • Rich J. Birdsall -Prophetic Rich-

    Rich J. Birdsall -Prophetic Rich-

     2 years ago

    Praying for u

  • James92453


     2 years ago

    If you guys don't post a video in a couple of days about how you generated 1.21 gigawatts of wind energy from a desk fan converted into a turbine I shall be disappointed. Good luck guys!

  • Falcrist


     2 years ago

    If anyone is going to survive, it'll be you.
    I just hope all your Fresnel lenses survive so we can watch you melt more stuff!

  • takforalt


     2 years ago

    I am sure you guys will do the right thing. Many of us are thinking of you, but we can only offer moral support. Hang in there guys.

  • norwoodzomboy


     2 years ago

    Do a video on how you guys rode out the hurricane - I have faith that you'll do it!!

  • Cylon39


     2 years ago

    Our prayers are with you!

  • toddisawsomeable


     2 years ago

    Put a wind mill on your house so you won't have to pay for electricity for the rest of the year.

  • Moss Walker

    Moss Walker

     2 years ago

    Please stay safe!

  • BangChief AllIsOne

    BangChief AllIsOne

     2 years ago


  • learn share

    learn share

     2 years ago

    All the best!!

  • 101AOK


     2 years ago

    God bless....I pray for you and my friends on the southeast coast. Get back to us in a few days and we'll see where the new arrow points.....we're here...ooops...I mean This one looks like a real bitch.

  • edgotbait


     2 years ago

    Stay safe

  • Phillip Ceriale

    Phillip Ceriale

     2 years ago

    Stay Safe!

  • 4FunRC


     2 years ago

    Yeah, you two take care. :*)

  • An Gar

    An Gar

     2 years ago

    We are north of you near Ocala. Have to hunker down with our livestock. Prayin hard and prepping harder! Hopefully coming out on this other side of this ok!

  • SciGuy


     2 years ago

    Prayers to all you folks!

  • BlackCat2


     2 years ago +1

    Be safe. I hope it all turns out well for you in the end. I had minimal impact from Harvey. My house is fine. The worst thing was unending rain for 2 days and high winds shaking the house which scared me a bit. - Heidi

  • Thomas Reynolds

    Thomas Reynolds

     2 years ago +1

    Be Safe