DRAW MY LIFE - Lhugueny

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 29, 2017
  • A speed-drawing summarization of my life up until now.
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    Logan Hugueny-Clark

    Epidemic Sound

    (c) 2017 LHUGUENY
  • Source: https://youtu.be/JQdeLCk6CjE




     2 years ago +723

    This is inspirational! Keep up the good work :)

  • bananek gaming

    bananek gaming

     7 days ago +1

    Fuck u

  • Aaliyah's games

    Aaliyah's games

     7 days ago

    I like draw my life videos but I find it a little gay when they say thank you at the end

  • misaki183


     21 days ago

    I love alien

  • misaki183


     21 days ago

    My great grandpa was in Vietnam

  • BeegaBoogaAwesome


     21 days ago

    Am I hybrid or natural hanting down the humans cause they hit my huge fin with their plane and wanted to greet humans visiting they shot me so rude so I'll use for food. I'm straveing

  • kyaw min Lwin

    kyaw min Lwin

     1 months ago

    What the frick your dad served in the Vietnam war !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

  • the geeks of doom gaming channel

    the geeks of doom gaming channel

     1 months ago

    Love ur work btw fan for 5 years

  • Andrew Costello

    Andrew Costello

     1 months ago


  • voicinggolem 766

    voicinggolem 766

     1 months ago

    so emotional i liked the vid

  • TheUnknownchannel


     3 months ago +2

    I have seizures as well

  • Wesley H

    Wesley H

     3 months ago

    This guy deserves a shout out from pewdiepie

  • Shwerjfrind Dnirfjrewhs

    Shwerjfrind Dnirfjrewhs

     3 months ago

    I respect your dad for the bravery and fought for your country :)

  • iron seagull

    iron seagull

     3 months ago

    USA USA!!!!

  • Juan Diaz

    Juan Diaz

     3 months ago

    STOP animating for like two months to go get that tumor removed

    You have your whole life ahead of you

  • Juan Diaz

    Juan Diaz

     3 months ago

    So basically your dad is an army soldier and your mom is a survivor and those two types of humans made a person that likes to draw cartoons

  • Emma Ocampo

    Emma Ocampo

     4 months ago

    your the best

  • Yolanda Herrera

    Yolanda Herrera

     4 months ago

    meguto este video

  • the Red Link

    the Red Link

     4 months ago

    Fuck sonic he SUCKS ass

  • Speed Cola

    Speed Cola

     4 months ago

    Now I understand the backstory of the price impression