Is Crash Bandicoot OVERRATED?! (Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy) – Deadlock

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 3, 2017
  • VOTE: Crash Bandicoot Rules! ► Crash Bandicoot Is Awful! ► me Play Crash Bandicoot ►► The late 1990s saw the rise of gaming as we know it today. I refer, of course, to the rise of 3-D platformers like Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot. Each of these games are considered classics, but we'll only be debating one: Crash Bandicoot. This game defined the childhoods of millions, but was it actually any good? We'll be debating this very question, but the answer is up to you!Also note that all sides of the debate are RANDOMLY decided, so the debater may be arguing for a side he or she doesn't agree with. We wanted to keep this as neutral and unbiased as possible. NO HATE! SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories ► out with us on GTLive! ►► Deadlock:Do Water Pokemon Beat Fire Pokemon? ►, NO MORE CONSOLES! ►► vs. Genesis ►► Ocarina vs Link to the Past ►► of Legends vs. DOTA ►► Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► Shock ►► SCIENCE! ►►
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  • Ender


     a years ago +5904

    I love this new theme for Deadlock, but I kinda miss the old little animations that the bottom of the screen had. Maybe if you combine the new theme idea along with the old animation fighting, it would be perfect! :D

  • Chris Riley

    Chris Riley

     10 months ago +50

    "Before 2017 when was the last time anyone cared about Crash?"
    Me: ....uh... Twinsanity? Pretty sure it was loved

  • Spoops Kermit

    Spoops Kermit

     yesterday +1

    Reason Crash controls bad is not because of the game it was Playstation desing

  • The_Drum_Messiah !!?

    The_Drum_Messiah !!?

     7 months ago +13

    10:35 thats bullshit, there are places in the game where u need to in order to 105% the game
    15:28 challenge built on being unfair 😂 omg yeah its hard game, and that made u sound whiny

  • Amwaj Als

    Amwaj Als


    rude: without crash play station might not be the juggernaut it is today. Me. cough*fortnite*cough but srsly im with matpat

  • Olivia Paulk

    Olivia Paulk

     a years ago +212

    I imagine that when Matpat thinks of a new Deadlock, he just walks into the Game Theorists room, and yells..."WHO THINKS OTHERWISE"

  • Dara Showers

    Dara Showers

     3 months ago +17

    Crash bandicoot was a game that was in my family since I was born

  • szili Jo

    szili Jo

     2 days ago +1

    Crash bandicoot is the best game not bad!!!!!!!!🤬😡🤬😡

  • Tomb Raider LC

    Tomb Raider LC

     5 days ago +3

    A-hemm... Tomb Raider was also a crusher of the 90's lol

  • Sylense


     9 months ago +43

    A lot of mats points are opinions. INVALID!
    Edit: they just got to warped and Caddicarus is PISSED

  • X naM ageM Reversed

    X naM ageM Reversed

     a years ago +1383

    I miss the little animated fight during these.

  • Da Green Thing

    Da Green Thing


    Matt complains when he was fighting for dark souls series

  • XYzzY11


     2 months ago +21

    Mat: "Ah, yes the nostalgia argument"
    Ryder: "Well yes, but actually no"

  • Reid Frucci

    Reid Frucci

     6 months ago +23

    Matpat in the Dark Souls debate:
    “Dark Souls is great because just like Crash Bandicoot, it keeps you on your toes, using trial-and-error and memorization in order to progress”
    Matpat here:
    “Crash sucks because it’s all just trial-and-error and memorization”

  • Divine Wix3029

    Divine Wix3029

     a years ago +7

    I'm a child and I actually like the original crash bandicoot.
    I didn't play it on the ps1 because I couldn't find it soooooo.
    See what I did there.
    I played on the ps2 because it works.

  • JamesCPotter13


     a years ago +98

    Is it just me or are their health bars on the wrong side?

  • The Orange guy

    The Orange guy

     a years ago +33

    How could you
    Put bubsy 3d in a video

  • HUGzJayGon


     a years ago +3

    15:35 Have you ever even tried to get a Platinum Relic, Bro?!
    Also, Crash 2 is really good at upping the ante of obstacles throughout each level. (ex: "See those two hovering enemies patrolling those platforms over there? Figure out how to cross the gap."
    Later in the level (and/or carried over to similarly themed levels where the obstacle-ante is upped again): "Remember those two hovering enemies that were patrolling those platforms earlier? Notice how these platforms are the ones that fall when weight is applied to them? Well, now there are three hovering enemies and the platforms fall after you land on them...oh, yeah, the enemies move faster, now, too. See you on the other side!"
    Seriously, Crash 2 is great for seeing how people learn (does the person get frustrated, does the person get creative, ect.) and how well solutions to earlier problems are recalled and applied to another variation of that initial problem--sort of like how math textbooks gradually increase the complexity of the problems while maintaining the same fundamentals.
    So, yeah, I'm done now. Too much caffeine, not enough sleep. How old is this video anyway? I was looking for a different one and saw, "Mah boi, Crash"

  • AJ Ward

    AJ Ward

     a years ago +4

    While Crash Bandicoot was fun, there were a lot of levels that slowed down and ruined my fun gaming experience

  • Cratian Government

    Cratian Government

     9 months ago +3

    Yeah, Dark Souls was based on reaction time, so are you saying the boulder sections aren't?