Moving Truck Turned Into A Bowl Of Cereal

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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  • Brooke Evans

    Brooke Evans

     7 hours ago


  • xXxDigger1JeremiahxXx ,

    xXxDigger1JeremiahxXx ,

     7 hours ago

    Yall copied mr beast

  • CarSmelll Noob

    CarSmelll Noob


    Bowl of Cereal more like truck of cereal

    Funk bros please respond and pin this

  • Kacie Cromer

    Kacie Cromer


    I don’t understand why y’all don’t just buy a moving truck 🤷🏻‍♀️ it would be smarter than renting one everytime.

  • Tom Parry

    Tom Parry

     2 days ago +1

    Did someone noticed they put mulk first

  • braeden colburn

    braeden colburn

     2 days ago

    Get this vid to 30k likes

  • Shane Welsh

    Shane Welsh

     3 days ago

    Mom I am your daughter I love you I love you space love you so much send Audrey said that Mommy

  • Shane Welsh

    Shane Welsh

     3 days ago

    Mom I am your daughter I love you I love you space love you so much send

  • Tara Bengle

    Tara Bengle

     3 days ago

    Milk than cereal

  • Asami Harte

    Asami Harte

     3 days ago

    one part of my brain is saying: ew, they’re eating cereal and drinking the milk that they were swimming in. what if their feet is dirty or something?

    another part of my brain is saying: idrc. i’m super hungry.

  • Random Boy15

    Random Boy15

     3 days ago

    Can you try apple sauce

  • Scarce Flyer

    Scarce Flyer

     4 days ago

    Im not liking the vid only cuz y'all put the milk before the cereal


  • Boty osooso9 Becerra oslO

    Boty osooso9 Becerra oslO

     4 days ago

    That mean,s Milk

  • Gagne vlogs

    Gagne vlogs

     4 days ago

    There 4 grown men and there playing in a big bowl of cereal I wish I was them

  • Oreo048 Kul

    Oreo048 Kul

     4 days ago

    I love your YouTube canel

  • Kari Fournier

    Kari Fournier

     4 days ago

    Stop copying Mr. beast well, he didn’t do it in the truck but still

  • Chris Beezy

    Chris Beezy

     4 days ago

    You should do giant pancakes

  • Night bots Dad

    Night bots Dad

     4 days ago

    Whenever you do something in a moving truck someone should we’re a helmet with a go-pro on it to see what your really seeing, also you should fill a truck with bounce balls

  • tyjon howard

    tyjon howard

     5 days ago

    Looks dope but I wouldn’t eat that shit



     5 days ago

    Imagene just seing them tomorow in the morning eting cereal