Super Mario Odyssey: The DARK Truth Behind Cappy! | Culture Shock

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 2, 2017
  • Join the Theorists! ►► Crossing's Death Dolls! ►► The Official FNAF Timeline! ►► Mario Odyssey is just as good as expected, if not better, but there's a dark side to this game. Mario's newest companion holds a truly terrifying secret about his origin. Watch out, Cappy might not be as friendly as you think.Join the Theorists! ►► out with us on GTLive! ►► Theories:Metal Gear ISN'T REAL?! ►► SATAN'S PAWN! | Hello Neighbor Beta 3 ► SOLVED the ZELDA Timeline! ►► is TRAGIC! | Petscop ►► G-Man's IDENTITY REVEALED! ►► TRUTH Behind Fire Pokemon! ►► Mario Odyssey’s GIANT Problem! ► Culture Shock:HE'S A WITCH! | Hello Neighbor ►►'s SECRET POWER! ►►'S BIRTH! | Bendy & The Ink Machine ► Is a Spaceman?! ►► is BROKE! | Super Mario Odyssey ► Is the Triforce EVIL? ►► out some more of our awesome video game content:Game Theory ►► Shock ►► SCIENCE! ►► by: The Lonely GoombaMusic: Living Tombstone and Noteblock Remix
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  • David Rodriguez

     1 years ago

    Random, but if Peach is a goddess and Bowser is a god, does that mean the mario franchise is the story of a mortal (mario) caught up in the strife between gods?

  • The Yoshi guy

     25 days ago

    No peach isn't a goddess but I know a little fact peach has always been kidnapped by bowser because bowser wanted to marry her for like 100 or 99 years I don't know how many years It would be for the super Mario bros franchise and also Mario is mortal he dies and also bowser is the god he wanted to murder Mario for years and don't go yet I've got one more rumor or myth in the beta of Mario 64 when you went on top of the castle a dark Mario would stab Mario and if you entered the final bowser level bows...

  • Nugget Sauce

     1 years ago

    Lol on captions it says "Osaka Booty" XD

  • Moustafa Gaming

     6 months ago

    At 1:58

  • christian lagra

     10 months ago

    mine is *knuckle bootie*

  • social - disaster

     1 years ago

    i find it really sad that Gaijin does so much work and research for his videos and people in the comments complain it's not MatPat. He's a good host! Give him some goddamn credit!

  • Bobbie Jo Sandoval

     9 months ago

    social - disaster no no no he's being mean to super morio odesey

  • fairymairah

     1 years ago

    i found his videos to be good ! ! ! ! !

  • Crimson fox

     1 months ago

    Gaijin: *Talks about Japan*Literally everyone not from Japan: WEEB!Me: Yay Japan!

  • Legendary Dragon

     1 years ago

    This is a pretty solid theory but can you please explain 2 player mode to me. In that mode Cappy floats over Mario's head yet he acts the same

  • FunkyMister

     6 months ago

    It's like fnaf!Mario had a son with Peach, son died, Mario put remnant into Cappy to keep son alive.ALSOPeach had daughter with Mario, daughter died, Peach put remnant into Tiara to keep daughter alive.Luigi sits alone in the corner.Man my thumbs hurt from typing all that on my tablet!

  • Celeste

     1 years ago

    Cappy looks so friendly thoEdit: changed my mind

  • Kylie Bell

     5 months ago


  • Carrie Hall

     5 months ago


  • Kitsune's Den

     4 months ago

    Osakabooty sounds perfect for a new ghost-type Pokémon, and the fan art helped with that thought!

  • Sparklebutt

     1 years ago

    But Cappy is my favorite character in Super Mario Odyssey! XD

  • Benjamin Juric

     11 months ago

    Here's a theory : cappy can capture anything if it's on it's head. But cappy IS on Mario's head. What if you are controlling cappy to controll mario?

  • XxPotato Gamesxx

     1 years ago

    The shoes you wear are actually GTA sticky bombs from sonic.Game theorists got that logic.

  • Captain Logic

     1 years ago

    To be fare this is culture shock not game theory

  • XxPotato Gamesxx

     1 years ago

    I Like Potatoes dam right