Dana White calls out Oscar De La Hoya for lying in ESPN interview | First Take

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 13, 2018
  • Dana White sits down with First Take and contradicts Oscar De La Hoya's comments about UFC athletes being underpaid while calling De La Hoya an "idiot" and "a liar."

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Ijn1DGej8ic


  • Liam Booth

    Liam Booth

     3 days ago

    No facts given

  • Box Addict

    Box Addict

     4 days ago

    Dana was always and will always be a promoter he started out as a boxing manager/ promoter. He wasnt successful because of don king and that fat head 90 year old. He decided I will go do MMA first and now he holds don king power he will over take Boxing as well he is the guy who might change the sport back a bit from prize fights and paperweight champs. Say what you will man is insane smart and successful

  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump

     5 days ago

    U do realize that the UFCs shows generate 10000x of what Oscars MMA show can generate, if u put what Oscar is paying his guys into relation to that u would find that Oscar is paying his guys like 10x more money than what Dana is paying his TOP UFC fighters.

    That's a fact for anybody who undertands numbers and knows how to interpret stats and numbers properly.

  • Griff 88

    Griff 88

     7 days ago +9

    "Couldn't knock Chuck out with a crowbar in his prime"

    Crazy part is.. Hes not far off..Chuck was an animal

  • Luis Sanchez

    Luis Sanchez

     7 days ago

    I hate how the females on this show alway sets back and listens. I’d like to see them run the interview for once!

  • Isaac Smith

    Isaac Smith

     7 days ago

    You can’t fight Dana, I’d shut your ego up.

  • wipemysmile


     7 days ago

    You're in no position to be pointing fingers at liars Dana. Why don't you tell us the truth about Conor McRapist and the Disney money you gave to his accuser? Talk about a fuckin liar!

  • mehtab bandesha

    mehtab bandesha

     7 days ago

    DC vs jon jhones 700,000 PPV , Deontey vs Tyson fury 325,000 PPV (pay per view) , yet Deontey makes 8 times what the UFC fighters made. DANA's the Biech

  • mehtab bandesha

    mehtab bandesha

     7 days ago

    DANA pays his champions roughly half a million per fight (DC, Jon Jhones, Tyron), OSCAR paid close to that amount to Chuck Liddel who is RETIRED 50 YEAR OLD and by the way Deontay Wilder salary = 4$ Million for a single fight, UFC fighters will need to fight 8 times to make the same amount.

  • Rick Pelland

    Rick Pelland

     7 days ago

    The guys making money are dana white and oscar.

  • Arthur Valdepena

    Arthur Valdepena

     7 days ago

    He stuttering like he dont know he talking about they dont make money he looking at a paper that his clerk gave him and he reading though just some of the fight what that certain day but what about the rest of the year

  • Jason Tyson

    Jason Tyson

     7 days ago

    Someone should have brought up Steve Mazagatti

  • Roman Metelli

    Roman Metelli

     14 days ago +18

    "Dana keeps 80% to himself"
    Yeah, and thousands of people in staff, advertising, organisation and so on do what they do for charity. It's easy to hate on Dana White, because - quiet frankly - he's not the most likeable guy, but ignoring that he has the biggest MMA buisness in the world to manage and pay a whole lot of people to do the the most various jobs is just silly.

  • Racked Up Bubba

    Racked Up Bubba

     14 days ago

    Dana's ufc bonuses for fights are $50,000 dollars and usually 3 fights get that bonus so yeah Dana is telling y'all the truth. Some of you just dont want the truth cause u people believe what u want. Oscar is a straight cheeseball.

  • brian Lohse

    brian Lohse

     14 days ago

    Shut up Max.

  • Funtih leslie tutuwan

    Funtih leslie tutuwan

     14 days ago

    Dana White manages the UFC like the NBA. wether you like it or not show him respect de la hoya

  • hrt45j


     14 days ago

    UFC fighters should make more, but they still have a better model than boxing. Boxing is a mess. Who are the champions? What are the divisions? What is the organization of boxing? No one knows. In the UFC you get what you give. If you bring in more money then you will make more money. All of the fighters should get paid more, but you don’t want it to become like boxing.

  • hrt45j


     14 days ago

    “The entire compensation for their card was 580,000 and 450,000 went to chuck and Tito (130,000 difference). The undercard made 95,000.” What?

  • Fun gun

    Fun gun

     14 days ago


  • Alberto Rodriguez

    Alberto Rodriguez

     14 days ago

    Oscar did lie but he wasn't far from the truth
    The UFC screwed every fighter out of sponsorships by making millions out of the selfish Reebok deal