First surface mirror DIY hack from a regular mirror

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 16, 2014
  • A first surface mirror from any second surface mirror.
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  • matthew wyatt

    matthew wyatt

     21 days ago

    Thanks! I use first surface mirror to make kaleidoscopes and its $60 for a 12"x9" sheet.

  • lpgjg


     9 months ago

    Hi, I realize this is an older video but I'm hoping I can get a quick reply.

    I need a two way mirror to create a smart mirror with a TV behind it.

    Will stripping the back paint allow the TV to push an image through the silvering and act like a normal mirror when the TV is off?

    tks in advance.

  • Jeff Louttit

    Jeff Louttit

     10 months ago

    Hi there, what did you use to scrape/rub off the aluminum? My attempts with a paint scraper, fine sandpaper and steel wool just scratch the glass underneath. Thanks!

  • Tim B. Green

    Tim B. Green

     11 months ago

    hello, I hope you are still answering questions. WHich solvent did you use as "paint thinner"? I tried MEK and Acetone, neither worked at all.

  • mendebil


     a years ago

    you are rubbing some. If you strip paint off acrylic mirrors you absolutely >>>can not<<< rub. the aluminium comes right off and you end up with holes. For glass it is great tho thx

  • Dave


     a years ago

    This is how videos should be made. Gets to the point, no tiresome setups.

  • Derek Stinson

    Derek Stinson

     a years ago +1

    Thanks for guiding me to a cheaper alternative for my lidar project.

  • Kehal Pola

    Kehal Pola

     2 years ago

    Is it very usefull for diy cinema projector ? I am searching first surface mirror but i can"t get enywhere. Can make one by using this method for my diy cinema projector ?

  • LEAF A Job Shop in N.W. Indiana

    LEAF A Job Shop in N.W. Indiana

     2 years ago

    good explanation

  • Cherubim Church

    Cherubim Church

     2 years ago

    Thanks! You just saved me 50+ bucks.

  • Mummified Tony

    Mummified Tony

     2 years ago

    Not what i was looking for to solve my situation. But still very informative

  • Nevets


     3 years ago

    if you don't know why make up a number?

  • Brenn James

    Brenn James

     3 years ago

    Thank you! I got a bunch of mirrors for welding and was disappointed to see my arc twice : (
    With your help i can fix them.

  • JusSkott


     3 years ago

    +GREENPOWERSCIENCE Would this be the same process used so a flat screen TV can pass through the mirror?

  • ibananatp


     4 years ago

    Hello!! Thanks for this tutorial! Very instructive ;)
    I can't find in France what you call orange peel oil spray... What kind of product can do the job? Any spray? Degreassing spray (ex : brake cleaner?)

  • Joe Kozak

    Joe Kozak

     4 years ago +1

    i want that ingot!!!!

  • Cyberdactyl


     5 years ago

    Wow. . . thanks for the tip Dan.  Never knew that.

  • Buzz Werd

    Buzz Werd

     5 years ago


  • IamIUareU


     5 years ago

    wouldn't that make the metallic layer vulnerable for oxidizing?
    i watched you on the preps show today on national geographic channel, i hate that show but it was really fun watching you building your project.

  • rockshot100


     5 years ago