8 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test - Part 20

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/IM1oxebrsp4


  • Emeraldwitch30


     21 days ago

    I use cookie gun a lot--room temperature cookie dough works best. Must be soft. I broke a gun like that using cold sugar cookie dough. Cracked the ring right in half. Lol

  • Mister thief

    Mister thief

     1 months ago

    The cookie dough one probably works better with actual homemade dough rather than store bought junk

  • Jonathan D'Orazio

    Jonathan D'Orazio

     1 months ago

    day 243...little sleep...barely eating...but i’ve seen almost every kitchen gadget known to man

  • Reuben Noronha Vlogs

    Reuben Noronha Vlogs

     1 months ago +1

    If your looking for onion slicer on 8:04 😂😂😂 👍

  • A whole lot of nothing

    A whole lot of nothing

     1 months ago

    Someone is in the background flat murdering his dogs.

    Wow onion gajick so cool.

  • A whole lot of nothing

    A whole lot of nothing

     1 months ago

    In Russia we call these grenatas. Which means grenade.
    Proves Russia stereotypes. Lol

  • outfishing with Hugo

    outfishing with Hugo

     1 months ago

    Granada I guess coz it looks like a frag grande

  • Lernlern 30

    Lernlern 30

     1 months ago

    Granada in Philippines too

  • Shameer Arshad

    Shameer Arshad

     2 months ago +1

    2019 anyone

  • allotribus


     2 months ago

    1:20 1..2..5..😂

  • s.w.


     2 months ago

    If you put the pomegranate seeds in a bowl of water the white parts float to the top

  • hesteviestyles


     2 months ago

    i can smell the garlics across the screen

  • Tom Christie

    Tom Christie

     2 months ago

    who else is watching this in 2020

  • Abhishek patel

    Abhishek patel

     3 months ago

    Where's price bro ?

  • Um Guru

    Um Guru

     3 months ago

    Sweet demo but pathetic gadgets

  • The 3 Feas

    The 3 Feas

     3 months ago

    5:35 that’s what she/he says 😳🤣

  • alyafi313


     3 months ago

    Ohhh juicy lol
    Love this guy

  • Hannah Myers

    Hannah Myers

     4 months ago

    Chix mix 😂😂😂

  • Derik Dunn

    Derik Dunn

     4 months ago

    “Whole cookie getting milked up!” BOOM

  • Pixel Gamer

    Pixel Gamer

     4 months ago

    Me: imma eat a grenade

    Friend: Nani?!?!