♪ ALIEN THE MUSICAL - Animated Parody Song

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
  • Animated music video parody of the movie "Alien"
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    Movie Musicals #52: ALIEN THE MUSICAL
    The space-truckin' crew of the Nostromo respond to a distress call, which leads them to a nasty facehugger in a rusty old Space Jockey Engineer ship, which in turn, through the miracle of chestbursting birthing, produces a singing adult alien xenomorph, who does a song and dance while picking off the crew one by one. It's up to Ellen Ripley to stop the madness, save Jonesy the cat and blow the funky xeno out the airlock... business as usual.

    ►Script, Song, Vocals: Logan Hugueny-Clark
    ►Vocals, Song, Co-Producer: Whitney Di Stefano (https://www.youtube.com/thevoicetree)
    ►Animation Director: EIE Productions (https://www.youtube.com/user/eieproduksies)


    Mother woke us from cryo-sleep,
    So why are we still in space so deep?
    Seems like itʼs cause of a distress call,
    From a planetoid rather small.

    We go out and investigate,
    No choice, our contract clearly states.
    Stumble in a derelict ship,
    Where a facehugger r**** my face.

    Facehugged by a xeno,
    Smothered by a xeno.
    Facehugged by a xeno,
    Impregnated by xeno.

    Ash breaks the quarantine rules,
    Opens up the door for the crew.
    We donʼt know what that creature is,
    Bringing it inside is a foolish risk.

    Iʼm the captain of this ship,
    You must obey my directive.
    Anyway the creature is dead,
    Letʼs just have a quick meal, forget this and go back to bed.

    Chestburst by a xeno,
    Dinner crashing xeno.
    Chestburst by a xeno,
    Nasty little xeno.

    Brett looks for Jonesy the cat,
    'Til heʼs dragged up into the shaft.
    Dallas tries to shoo it away,
    But he suffers the same fate.
    Ash is an android enemy,
    Working for the company.
    Says we stand no chance weʼre just bait,
    Decide to blow the ship and to

    Tail whipped by a xeno,
    Skull bit by a xeno.
    Tail r**** by a xeno,
    Runninʼ from a xenooooo...

    Sneaky funky xeno,
    On the escape craft I stowed.
    Got this chick cornered, blocked,
    But she blew me out the air-lock...

    Ripley beat the xeno,
    Revved the engine, flames blow.
    But trust me there are more,
    Youʼll see in the sequels.

    (c) LHUGUENY 2019
  • Source: https://youtu.be/I9pj51nh7Pk




     5 months ago +349

    We made Alien The Musical in celebration of the film's 40th anniversary. Next weekend will be Avengers Endgame The Musical, then what else do you want us to create?

  • Carlos montemayor

    Carlos montemayor

     2 days ago +1

    They make great songs

  • Jake Dante

    Jake Dante

     6 days ago

    do a sick flip

  • Dylan Hansen

    Dylan Hansen

     7 days ago

    His voices for girls are weird. But it is cool that he used dude looks like a lady.

  • Jake Dante

    Jake Dante

     7 days ago +3

    its funny how the cat from aliens the musical looks better than the 2019 alien the musical

  • Otto W

    Otto W

     7 days ago

    Make Godzilla final wars plz

  • Otto W

    Otto W

     7 days ago

    Kill the cat 🐈

  • Luis Olguin

    Luis Olguin

     7 days ago +1

    is my music favorite! 😉😉

  • Otto W

    Otto W

     7 days ago

    ZILLA was a great movie 🎥

  • Otto W

    Otto W

     7 days ago

    Fuck the cat!

  • Otto W

    Otto W

     7 days ago

    Kill the cat!

  • Deborah Barnswell

    Deborah Barnswell

     7 days ago

    I want Hellboy now .

  • Kaylee Allen

    Kaylee Allen

     7 days ago

    Ima alien rawr wait aliens dont go rawr they go...eat you

  • Inner Nourish

    Inner Nourish

     14 days ago

    Should of helped that guy the facehuger jumped on his face

  • ปูลิตา นามขุนทศ

    ปูลิตา นามขุนทศ

     14 days ago

    Can you make avp requiem



     14 days ago

    I love when the chest burster sings

  • Наталья Мазепа

    Наталья Мазепа

     14 days ago


  • Thundertazzy 412

    Thundertazzy 412

     14 days ago

    Hiding for my life woah a xenomorphs hunting for me woah traumatized by his killing spree Logan please like

  • Conor Rouse

    Conor Rouse

     14 days ago


  • Warriors and Undertale With horror and gore

    Warriors and Undertale With horror and gore

     21 days ago

    I hate to say but ( sinks face back into space ) just a smige of cringe but just a smige ok