Mega Workbench - How to Make a Woodworking Bench

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 9, 2017

    In this video: How I made a MEGA workbench out of reclaimed wood.

    I remodeled an old barn last summer. While demolishing the interior I had a chance to recover some of the old lumber.

    I stored it for a few months until I had time to build this woodworking bench. It weighs over 850 pounds and required 600 screws, 1 ½ gallons of wood glue, 44 9’x2”x6” Douglas fir, and about 40 hours to build

    I hope I cover enough detail in this video to be helpful.

    Thanks for watching!

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    Measuring and marking:
    Tap measure -----------------------------------------
    Swanson Speed Square ------------------------
    Framing square -------------------------------------
    Mechanical Pencil ---------------------------------
    Sharpie Marker --------------------------------------

    3M blue tape -----------------------------------------
    Wood glue ---------------------------------------------
    Wood Screws ----------------------------------------
    Bar Clamp, 48-inch --------------------------------

    Cutting and drilling
    Short Blade 3-Piece Wood Chisel Set ---
    Skilsaw --------------------------------------------------
    Hand saw ----------------------------------------------
    Japanese woodworking Hand Saw ------
    Table saw ---------------------------------------------
    Chop saw ----------------------------------------------
    Milwaukee Drill --------------------------------------
    High-Speed Steel Drill Bits --------------------
    Utility knife --------------------------------------------
    Fortsner bits ------------------------------------------

    Framing Hammer with Smooth Face ----
    Dead Blow Mallet ----------------------------------


    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Always think ahead. Every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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  • Pascal B

    Pascal B

     a years ago +226

    I found this YouTube video on my search for a workbench. Instantly stopped looking to buy one and made plans to build this mega workbench. After days planning, buying wood and hardware I started sunday building the exact way as shown in the video. A lot of work but it worked out perfect thanks to the explanation. I'm very satisfied with the result ! 2 by 1 meter, heavy as concrete and ... on wheels ! Still sanding my bench (work of art ;-)) and planning to transparent coat it for extra endurance. Thanks for the movie and the good explanation ! Grtz from Belgium.

  • L DS

    L DS

     6 hours ago

    you could build a home with all that wood :O

  • River Builder

    River Builder


    What a ridiculous waste of materials

  • Javier Victor Mariano Bruno

    Javier Victor Mariano Bruno

     2 days ago +1

    Great video! I recently took a deck off, and realized that the woods still good, after a little sandpaper work. I did a big plant pot for the front of my house, and a bench but still have lot of wood wo I'm going to make a work bench, a tough one. Your video gave me a good idea on how... THANKS

  • Desert Rider

    Desert Rider

     2 days ago

    How much would all that wood cost new?

  • PM


     3 days ago

    Hello , would you have the plans ? please

  • Lazaro Rodrigues

    Lazaro Rodrigues

     3 days ago

    Hello friend
    I'm" From Brazil 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇧🇷👏👏👏👏

  • Allan Lavallee

    Allan Lavallee

     7 days ago

    Nice build

  • acet7


     7 days ago

    Nice project

  • Pete Miller

    Pete Miller

     7 days ago

    Nice project and table! One little piece of tidbit I wouldn't have thought of is aligning the screws. Will now. Cheers from Canada.

  • armudunsapı üzümünçöpü

    armudunsapı üzümünçöpü

     7 days ago

    amazing and stronger.

  • Geoffrey Lee

    Geoffrey Lee

     7 days ago

    I have already built my workbench(s) but I still enjoy watching these, and you did a great job on yours and it's very admirable! Nice work.

  • Bob Adkins

    Bob Adkins

     7 days ago

    Lowes sells unfinished, glued up and planed "Baltic birch" counter tops. They're 1-3/4-in thick x 72-in long x 39-in deep that would make a great medium duty work bench. I don't think anyone could build one for US$270, and being pre glued and planed is priceless. Magnificent HD work bench BTW.

  • Ffuukk Yootoob Ffuukk Yootoob

    Ffuukk Yootoob Ffuukk Yootoob

     7 days ago

    Wouldn't it have been simpler and more straightforward to do the laminations in segments, then do the segments together? That way your clamps would not have grown so large, and you might not have needed to screw everything together thereby needing to worry about the screw locations. I'd also think it would have been easier to pre-dog it then, using a drill press and some roller supports.

  • Sirlee Outdoorsmen

    Sirlee Outdoorsmen

     7 days ago

    Man that workbench won't last a life time. lol. Nice job!!

  • Frank Lopez

    Frank Lopez

     14 days ago

    that's a very heavy duty workbench well done sir.

  • Jesse Johnson

    Jesse Johnson

     14 days ago

    I enjoyed watching and listening to your explanation of the process of making this bench. Thank you!

  • Mark Webb

    Mark Webb

     14 days ago

    Wow some serious overkill

  • Andrew B.

    Andrew B.

     14 days ago


  • TalbotShip


     14 days ago

    Why you sometimes you sound like ... autotuned ?