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  • Published on:  Friday, October 27, 2017
  • A Good Guy is hard to find, unless he’s trying to steal your soul. That’s why Andrew Rivera is here with some helpful hints on How to Kill Chucky.
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    Charles Lee Ray, aka Chucky the killer doll, is the wisecracking star of the Child’s Play horror movie franchise. Over the course of the Child’s Play series, Child’s Play, Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, and the new Cult of Chucky 2017, Chucky has proven himself to be one evil doll. As unstoppable as he is, it’s still possible to see Chucky dead in a shower of Chucky doll gore, if you play your cards right. Chucky deaths over the years have occurred through various different methods, but the best of Chucky continues to live on, powered by the unforgettable performance of Brad Dourif. As for how to kill Chucky, just stay tuned to our handy guide to get the upper hand on the killer doll.

    In Childs Play 1988, Charles Lee Ray is a serial killer who kills a bunch of people before being gunned down in a toy store. He transfers his soul into a Good Guy doll and continues his killing spree in his new and improved Chucky doll form, at least until he’s shot through the heart. In Childs Play 2, factory fun is had as Chucky explodes in a shower of goopy gore. Childs Play 3 chops Chucky up in a really big fan, but the loving Bride of Chucky, Tiffany, played by Jennifer Tilly, stitches him back together for their next adventure. In Seed of Chucky, probably the most comedic movie in the Child’s Play series, Chucky’s child Glen or Glenda kills his old man with some kung fu ax action. For Curse of Chucky, the series’ return to its slasher movie roots, Chucky actually doesn’t die. It’s only in the Curse of Chucky post-credits scene we see Andy Barclay finally get his revenge. Or not, since Chucky returns in this years Cult of Chucky 2017, where he learns how to split his soul into multiple bodies. Still, at least one Chucky bites the dust in horrific fashion, but there are still other Chuckies out there as we speak. That’s why you need to be prepared with our guide on How to Kill Chucky.

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  • NowThis Nerd

    NowThis Nerd

     2 years ago +722

    Thanks for watching, nerds! What's your favorite Chucky kill? Let us know what you think the doll of death's greatest moment is!

  • Minato Namikaze The 4th Hokage

    Minato Namikaze The 4th Hokage


    His son should of done Kamenahaaa

  • Brinlee Barnett

    Brinlee Barnett

     3 days ago

    I wish I was Andy so I could have a chucky doll

  • gcat mlp

    gcat mlp

     7 days ago

    Poor chicory :(

  • the moth

    the moth

     7 days ago

    Holy water water balloons problem solved

  • Yami Nero

    Yami Nero

     7 days ago +1

    I love how when Andy blows Chucky's head off with his shotgun, Woody Woodpecker is laughing in the background. I think it's poetic justice: Chucky ruined Andy's life, so when Andy gets his revenge, it's only fair that condescending laughter from Woody would be what Chucky hears right before his decapitation.

  • Kendrick Dowen

    Kendrick Dowen

     14 days ago


  • P Ewd

    P Ewd

     14 days ago

    How to kill chucky. U need all infinity stone then snap two times.hundred % will die

  • Sarah Davissarah

    Sarah Davissarah

     21 days ago

    How are ferbies scary?😨

  • Horror hub

    Horror hub

     21 days ago

    So Chucky made a horucruxe

  • The Nuk4

    The Nuk4

     21 days ago

  • Best Pro

    Best Pro

     21 days ago

    vray good

  • Juan Ozuna

    Juan Ozuna

     21 days ago

    Voice crack at 37 seconds

  • Greencheese


     28 days ago +1

    You look like a rockstar.

  • MR. CHILL Jr

    MR. CHILL Jr

     1 months ago

    The scariest moment is when chucky going jump on andy

  • Maple Stop Motions

    Maple Stop Motions

     1 months ago

    You mean a bullet though the HARR?

  • Petko Marinov

    Petko Marinov

     1 months ago +1

    Is chukie real

  • Dalton Lewis

    Dalton Lewis

     1 months ago

    Do a video on how to kill the nun

  • Octavia L Moore

    Octavia L Moore

     1 months ago

    Toy story the kid name was

  • Matthew Hartley

    Matthew Hartley

     1 months ago

    Do 1 of Leprechaun & idk my scariest Chucky momnt.