Tragic - Danny Phantom (Music Video) Dir. By @Spooky Filmz

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 7, 2019
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  • Tyreece Smith

     7 days ago

    His parents are still waiting for his first words.

  • it's Yasam!n

     3 hours ago

    Arul Gk omg hahaha i'm near to death😂😂💀☠️

  • The c h i l l Dylan

     18 hours ago


  • Cinnamon Bun

     4 days ago

    Nobody :Person who invited us all here : *cAn yOu diSlike tHis vIdeo 😂😂😂😂*

  • Raven

     2 hours ago

    You guys can you dislike this video for me pls. They saying he the next Bill Cosby lol.

  • A B

     3 hours ago

    @Meryl-Moon lol

  • Marco Garcia

     2 days ago

    My alien talking to me after I’ve released him from Area 51

  • uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

     4 hours ago


  • Kojo Attah

     7 hours ago

    Bruh I just typed the same thing 😂

  • Gerard Martí

     4 days ago

    no one:not a single soul: absolutely nobody:spooky filmz: i'm about to post the worst song on the music history

  • Incendiary

     5 hours ago


  • Pepe did Nothing.

     16 hours ago

    Wrong song dude

  • carter

     3 days ago

    i like how the subtitles cant even detect actual lyrics so it just goes [music]

  • Belynd Balinang Alonzo

     10 hours ago

    Mine says Spanish auto generated lol 😂

  • Bloodbane

     16 hours ago

    @Jazza BigHits "[Música]"

  • Aj Young

     2 days ago

    We need him for the raid he can be our alien translator

  • Queen KeiKei

     17 hours ago

    Roblox Trolling *Kool-Aid man voice: OHHH YEAAAAH* ‼️

  • Kay Kay Awesome

     17 hours ago

    Omg yeah totally 😂

  • Carson green

     4 days ago

    I showed this to my baby cousin i think he understood this baby talk464 likes!!!!welp im saying thank you but im gayIt's just a meme chill

  • Carson green

     16 hours ago

    @sorry youtub And that is your opinion i wasnt saying that you dont like the song

  • Crystal Doggo Animations

     16 hours ago

    sorry youtub bro bro u high?

  • Sped

     4 days ago

    Boi came out the womb and after that his vocab stopped developing.

  • Grace Kitambala

     23 hours ago

    Sped 😭😭😂😂😂

  • Sister Jimin-ah’s Halal life guide

     2 days ago


  • SNMtv

     4 days ago

    Mumble rappers: no one can understand what we sayTragic: dloh ym reeb

  • i am cheeese

     8 hours ago

    oh wait that says hold my beer even though the way youve written it has made it sound like "beer my old" but ok

  • aco

     8 hours ago

    @Lizz Osbourne wait i just woooshed a racist guy oh no

  • Spencer Hochhaus

     6 days ago

    Mans really went to Area 51 and learned the alien's language. We will all understand on September 20th though

  • Ava Brown


    My bday September 20th

  • Jen Jen


    Oh that's the day of my birthday