Sucking with STEAM

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 3, 2018
  • In today's video we're making a vacuum in a bottle using heat!

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  • Denzel Celestino

    Denzel Celestino

     a years ago +1140

    Do livestream experiments pleaseeee

  • Drake Matheson

    Drake Matheson

     2 days ago

    I wish this video was newer, because sadly they’ll never see this comment, I’m really interested in how extremely fast that bottle filled with water in the first experiment!!! And my comment request would definitely be to experiment even more on that one example, and find the absolute best way to maximize the results, and in return to get a slow-motion video with a high frame rate, to count the frames/second and see exactly and accurately how fast that Glass bottle (about a gallon would be my best estimate) Accurately finding out the exact fraction of a second it took!! Please Heart this comment for the best chance of them actually reading this 😭🤯

  • Alexander Komar

    Alexander Komar

     7 days ago

    Can you keep the eggs in the bottle without breaking it and hot glue the pbb c pipe to the jar and pore licude nitro stuff in it and make a egg gun



     14 days ago

    And.. that's how chicken lay eggs..

  • Kevin Watkins

    Kevin Watkins

     a months ago

    Same thing but make a balloon in a bottle

  • Max Cai

    Max Cai

     a months ago

    Are you SURE that the jar didn't break because of egg projectiles?

  • matinthehat77


     a months ago

    you can blow into the bodol to remove the egg

  • Liberty Bell1776

    Liberty Bell1776

     a months ago

    Someone should make pickles eggs like that

  • brent heflin

    brent heflin

     a months ago

    You could apply the same idea and make an egg gun with nitrogen



     2 months ago

    Explain this magic

  • Jarek Van der Bruggen

    Jarek Van der Bruggen

     2 months ago

    make an egg gun with liquid nitrogen

  • Nathan Pugh

    Nathan Pugh

     2 months ago

    Freeze dries hard boiled eggs

  • Dead Meme

    Dead Meme

     2 months ago

    Could you maybe make a egg cannon doing this with the steam and liquid nitrogen

  • Anna Dentis

    Anna Dentis

     2 months ago

    is it possible to make metal balloons with helium inside. Will they rise?

  • CraftyGeekENT


     2 months ago

    Anyone else screaming “eye protection please!”?

  • Sodapop Jukebox

    Sodapop Jukebox

     2 months ago

    8:33 I think Nate is pennywise

  • Ava Lang

    Ava Lang

     2 months ago

    you can just blow into the bottle and the egg will come out

  • Richard Woods

    Richard Woods

     3 months ago

    For all the Australian viewers... "Why is it so?"

  • -LAZER-P996-


     3 months ago


  • evan blasky

    evan blasky

     3 months ago

    Boiling water in jar then put in nitrogen and see how big of a vacuum you can get