Sucking with STEAM

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 3, 2018
  • In today's video we're making a vacuum in a bottle using heat!

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  • Denzel Celestino

    Denzel Celestino

     a years ago +1119

    Do livestream experiments pleaseeee

  • Richard Woods

    Richard Woods

     7 days ago

    For all the Australian viewers... "Why is it so?"

  • -LAZER-P996-


     7 days ago


  • evan blasky

    evan blasky

     14 days ago

    Boiling water in jar then put in nitrogen and see how big of a vacuum you can get

  • ThatDarkAurora


     14 days ago

    Think you could scale it up somehow? Especially with the neat tools you guys have now? I don't know how but...I think Calli could think of something explosive. 🤣

  • Sergio Solórzano

    Sergio Solórzano

     1 months ago

    heat a soda can with a torch, flip it and put the open side in cold water, it implodes... my chemistry teacher loved doing this trick.

  • BLUE


     1 months ago

    7:45 after I eat chipotle

  • riuphane


     1 months ago

    could you create a PVC chamber to store the low pressure created by the condensing steam and then use that on another chamber at will? Super cheap, homemade vacuum chamber...

  • Jack Martin

    Jack Martin

     1 months ago

    It's like reverse birth

  • Phoemela Joyce Paradero

    Phoemela Joyce Paradero

     1 months ago

    Lol poor egg🥚 😂😂😂

  • Public Platform

    Public Platform

     2 months ago +1

    What would happen if we microwave a chicken and put it in cold water??? Sucks all the eggs out

  • Fishing With Kelmister

    Fishing With Kelmister

     2 months ago

    You should microwave the bottle and then dip the top into liquid nitrogen instead of ice water and see what happens.

  • NotYourIngenue


     2 months ago

    All you need to do to get the egg out is turn the bottle upside down so the egg seals the neck and blow into the bottle. It creates pressure behind the egg the same way that the fire creates a vacuum.

  • Anthony Paul Minervini

    Anthony Paul Minervini

     2 months ago

    I have no self e STEAM

  • charmander beyond !

    charmander beyond !

     2 months ago

    Rip jar

  • Kitarya Kysubae

    Kitarya Kysubae

     2 months ago

    I should contact Corning glass company to ask for a prototype 1 gallon glass jar made of their patented unbreakable gorilla glass material and have a poly carbonate vacuum mold shell around it to protect further from implosion from abrupt high negative/positive pressure shock, so I can have a vessel adequately calibrated enough to withstand spontaneous negative pressure for testing and measurements to see if this kind of phenomenon is at all a potential usefulness

  • Kitarya Kysubae

    Kitarya Kysubae

     2 months ago

    This experiment really sucks! Lol jkjk. But seriously, I'd be really interested in what kind of force that this vacuum pressure actually creates, since it looks so violent, and appears to be able to pull enough immediate pressure on the rather thick glass jar that it it reaches a critical stress point and creates a very real danger of vacuum implosion and high speed glass shrapnel.



     2 months ago

    How can we remove the egg instead of using liquid nitrogen.Can we use dry ice??

  • John Mager

    John Mager

     3 months ago

    ngl, really impressed with the success of the nitrogen solution to the impossible egg in a jar puzzle.

  • Nachiten Remix

    Nachiten Remix

     4 months ago

    3:21 THUNK !! I need a 10 hour video of that