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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 28, 2017
  • 10 YEAR OLD VIDEO solar scorcher, fresnel lens, death ray, greenpowerscience 10 year anniversary.original video is here:
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     2 years ago +28

    Today is our 10 year anniversary on Youtube. This is one of the first Fresnel Lens videos on Youtube.

  • John Smith

    John Smith

     a years ago

    The ultimate solar power system:
    A solar panel made of a sheet of mini Fresnel lenses that direct light into a fiber optics fiber. Small lenses an inch or so in diameter would allow a focal length that would fit into a thin panel like conventiinal solar panels. There are lenses that can gather the light from all directions and an additional lense could gather the light into the optical fiber. These fibers would feed into a main cable. The main cable would direct the light at a small array of the new high temperature high efficiency solar cells. The waste heat would drive a heat engine and the waste heat from that would be blown through the hot water heater and house for heat and hot water. An additional bonus would be using this concentrated solar to make methanol from air as is being accomplished in research projects with about one gallon of methanol produced per day from ten square meters of concentrated solar. These concentrated solar panels might cost as little as ten or twenty dollars a square meter and supply all of the world's electricity and fuel at a small fraction of the cost of fossil fuels. With thirty to forty percent efficiency from the solar cells and another twenty to thirty percent from the heat engine, ten percent from the methanol and some percentage from the heat and hot water, such a system miggt aporoach 90 percent efficiency.

  • Ed Sipes

    Ed Sipes

     2 years ago

    I've been a fan nearly as long as you've had a channel. I admire your initiative and methods. Please continue. One question, if I may. What would happen if you mirror coated the flat side of a Fresnel Lens and used it as a reflective style lens, somewhat along the lines of a parabolic dish? Would it work? I have no idea. I can see a lot of advantages in having a flat, reflective surface that could produce that much heat. Think of the large telescope mirrors that could possibly come from this...etc, etc, etc. I may be (probably am) blowing hot air, but if it works, there would be countless usefull applications. Thank you for reading this and sharing through the last decade.

  • gene mayne

    gene mayne

     2 years ago you still use your 12v Grid-Tie Inverter .
    I have 2 x 100 watt panels which are doing nothing now
    and i would like to get a 12v Grid-Tie Inverter
    but i have no idear what i should be looking for can
    you help me out please gene .....and yes i am from the uk.

  • Lowell Thompson

    Lowell Thompson

     2 years ago +2

    love yalls vids I'm gridtied because of yall

  • duleepgoonewardene


     2 years ago +1

    Greetings from Srilanka ,for a long life ahead for both of you Dan and Denisse. "The family that works together , stays together"

  • Divergent Droid

    Divergent Droid

     2 years ago

    I have a challenge for GreenPowerScience. I have a ram pump circulating water through an evaporative cooling system that gets the temp down to 40 degrees F. I need to make Ice. How can I do that? I Only need to get the temp down another 8 to 10 degrees. I'm thinking possibly using salt somehow. Any ideas? Remember, i'm only using a ram pump with water for a power source and a refrigerant. The system is enclosed in a box for a simple refrigerator. I aim to make the ice inside the box somehow.

  • Random Bit

    Random Bit

     2 years ago +1

    10 years of amazing videos and unusual background sounds! ;-)

  • LaFawn Sweeten

    LaFawn Sweeten

     2 years ago


    My favorite videos involve solar cooking. I've yet to get the courage up to try it out. =D

  • Nabre Labre

    Nabre Labre

     2 years ago +1

    you should put a cap on the bottle with a pinhole and a tiny tesla turbine on top

  • James Zawacki

    James Zawacki

     2 years ago


  • Brian C

    Brian C

     2 years ago

    Could you take a metal pot, aim it at the side of the pot and have it boil the water (in case of emergency)?
    Any idea on the power output of the focused beam?

  • Wandenbergh do Nascimento Araujo

    Wandenbergh do Nascimento Araujo

     2 years ago

    Make a replic of the death ray of archimedes.

  • TheBetterGame


     2 years ago +1

    I watched that video when it was first uploaded. I had a different account back then, but used to talk with you via the horrible comment system.

  • pcfreak1992


     2 years ago

    GREENPOWERSCIENCE: The channel with the highest abuse of capital letters and over-tagging the title. Yet the channel is still just above 250k.

  • Cryptopolis


     2 years ago

    Congratulations Dan & Denise. Thank you both for all the insightful, educational, & entertaining videos you have produced over the past 10 years. Looking forward to all that you do in the future.

  • The Sqoou

    The Sqoou

     2 years ago

    Congratulations !!!
    I've probably been subscribed under one name or another for nine of them. lol

  • PinkPonyOfPrey


     2 years ago

    hahha almost cute! Congratulations or something!
    But you should try the MMV method?
    Make More Videos!!! :D

  • Paul Evans

    Paul Evans

     2 years ago

    Seems to be a compilation? Well it's good to see activity on this channel and know that you are still around.

  • smasimulationshop


     2 years ago +1

    Congratulations Dan and Denisse. I've been following you since a long time ago. You guys are amazing