My Opinion on Halloween

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 28, 2016
  • spooooopy

    (and yes i did relisten to my endcard and im kinda just like wow i had no idea what i was saying but i had a good laugh about it. like why did i say "pardon me" lol whatever)

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    Music: Creepy March by FiluHalon
    Transition slides music is the Goosebumps theme lol

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a spoop.
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  • roni maher

    roni maher

     47 minutes ago

    How u be spoopy like the comment :)

  • Jacob Nguyen

    Jacob Nguyen

     an hour ago

    it called, PEEEEER PRESURE

  • Jurassic Gamer

    Jurassic Gamer

     an hour ago

    Halloween is my B-day

  • Ashules


     3 hours ago

    Satan: How do you feel about Halloween
    Jaiden: Spoopy
    Satan: ...Uh... Ok...

  • Nichole Draws

    Nichole Draws

     4 hours ago

    I watch this video every October!🎃👻

  • WolfAtMidnight 1001 10

    WolfAtMidnight 1001 10

     5 hours ago

    I fell asleep for an hour during that movie too

  • stranger things

    stranger things

     7 hours ago

    Ok jaden get creepy decor dresslike a bloody doll and make a creepy back story and BOOM YOU'RE SPOOPY (add a fake knife covered in fake blood if you want for more spoopyness) 🙀😱😫💀👽🤡👻🎃

  • Hi There

    Hi There

     7 hours ago

    your the best at animations

  • Bence G

    Bence G

     11 hours ago

    I think that nightmare before Christmas is a Halloween and Christmas movie

  • Gabriel Watson

    Gabriel Watson

     14 hours ago

    James: sooubway
    Wrong channel......

  • N L

    N L

     19 hours ago

    Filly all u have to do is buy an unhealthy amount of decor
    And bye more until it looks the way you want and then go big or go home with the cstume

  • Vanessa Cha

    Vanessa Cha

     yesterday +1

    the thing i like about halloween is sales on candy

  • Da Duh Dingus

    Da Duh Dingus


    I mainly like wearing my costume.

  • Joce Knockwood

    Joce Knockwood


    Hai I’m from 2019 :3

  • Natalie Torres

    Natalie Torres


    I can tell you how to be more spooptacular, make different variations on the word spoopy. The Halloween bug should land on your head any minute now.......

  • Asriel Dreemurr

    Asriel Dreemurr


    Jaiden I'm only somewhere between 11 - 14 not gonna reveal my age to the internet anyway I had an idea and it started today while me and my sis where having a small feud about who is better, You or Somethingelse so i got an idea to create a vid that starts in real but part 2 it gets turned 2D and i was wondering if you could help out with it. Whichever out of yes or no you will still be my favorite animator because you do have a channel to take care of this is 2 years after this vid came out it is Oct 16 . hope you see this and sry that it's so long.

  • Kaylee Vivian

    Kaylee Vivian


    you did this 3 days before Halloween! you must get candy! 😀😀😆😆😐

  • cutout friends and other random stuff

    cutout friends and other random stuff


    0:36 is that a undertale reference

  • Dual Blaster

    Dual Blaster


    Doot Doot

  • Betanz !

    Betanz !