Useless Smash Facts! #3 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 14, 2019
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    PJiggles is back again with interesting facts you should tell people waiting next to you at the bus stop to lighten the mood

    Music used:

    1 - Starship Mario 3 (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
    2 - Deep Sea of Mare (Super Mario Sunshine)
    3 - Ark (Persona 5)
    4 - Pianta Village Band (Super Mario Sunshine)
    5 - Welcome Back! Master♡ (Persona 5)

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    Special Thanks:

    AntonGreninja (For telling me about the incorrect Daisy alt)

    CrimiiCrim (For telling me about the incorrect Ganondorf alt)

    Drac, Captain Heropon, Eli, Insomniac and Teuthida (for helping me with the math problem)
    Drac ⯈
    Captain Heropon ⯈
    Eli ⯈
    Insomniac ⯈

    Lewkiss (For drawing the Kirby and Inkling art on the thumbnail)
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  • Michael Massari

    Michael Massari

     22 minutes ago

    You have to multiply the Joker number by 8 because of the streak colors for player 1 to player 8

  • Jack Attack

    Jack Attack

     3 hours ago

    I'm selling 1:55 timeframes
    1.50 a timestamp
    No refunds

  • Tsunami flog

    Tsunami flog

     7 hours ago

    All four of these “pokemon” are able to wall jump...... dr Mario is now a pokemon I guess

  • YourBestFriend 123

    YourBestFriend 123

     8 hours ago

    So I want to point out the Punch Out one.

    In the Wii version of Punch out Sandman is after Macho Man

    In the SNES version It would have been Sandman in the Major Circuit (2nd Circuit) and Macho Man in World Circuit (3rd Circuit)

  • Sh4dow_RC


     10 hours ago

    Hey PJiggles, here’s a useless smash fact, Kirby can take a max of 100.8% self damage with his side b.

  • Kimberly Tynes

    Kimberly Tynes

     10 hours ago

    I got a useless smash fact: If you get launched and you're playing multiplayer, the smoke color will be the same as the player color (p1 get red p2 gets blue etc.)

  • 36445544 6727272726461584841616253256345245245

    36445544 6727272726461584841616253256345245245

     10 hours ago +1

    Mementos also has a clock that displays real time

  • So_m


     12 hours ago

    use calculator for ur math

  • Shadow


     13 hours ago

    4:21 wait all Pokémon?

  • Marshachu Megalovania

    Marshachu Megalovania

     19 hours ago

    Ah, yes. Dr. Mario, my favourite Pokémon.

  • Skorpeon RyDer

    Skorpeon RyDer


    Even if you count the "victory animation" starting after the announcer shouts "GAME," it still does freeze those 27-some-odd million variations before the "flag waving" starts.
    So, yeah. I'd think they count regardless of when it starts.

  • SuperLuigiFox_ 356

    SuperLuigiFox_ 356


    Does olimar have the most victory screens

  • Kielan Fox

    Kielan Fox


    I just found out that if you step on squirtle while he uses his side b, he falls over and is stuck for a little while

  • LanceTheMinePigGames IO

    LanceTheMinePigGames IO


    4:21 Wait What?!

  • I’m gonna comment on every video on YouTube Ever

    I’m gonna comment on every video on YouTube Ever

     yesterday +1

    Orange inkling Kirby with blue ink should be in r/cursedimages

  • Gavin Bowen

    Gavin Bowen


    It’s more useful than me.

  • Matthew M

    Matthew M


    wait I think PJiggles here might be wrong about joker having the most end screens TECHNECLY mii fighters have the most cause they have infinite, because you can make INFINITE MII FIGHTERS

  • Marco Alagar

    Marco Alagar


    Dr.mario is a pokemon hahahaha😆😆😆😆

  • Sonic and ROBLOX gamer824 Luigikid fan

    Sonic and ROBLOX gamer824 Luigikid fan


    Mario also had a different voice to idiot

  • Zaccheusangelo Ooferoni

    Zaccheusangelo Ooferoni


    They took his calls but not his thick butt