Useless Smash Facts! #3 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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    PJiggles is back again with interesting facts you should tell people waiting next to you at the bus stop to lighten the mood

    Music used:

    1 - Starship Mario 3 (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
    2 - Deep Sea of Mare (Super Mario Sunshine)
    3 - Ark (Persona 5)
    4 - Pianta Village Band (Super Mario Sunshine)
    5 - Welcome Back! Master♡ (Persona 5)

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    Special Thanks:

    AntonGreninja (For telling me about the incorrect Daisy alt)

    CrimiiCrim (For telling me about the incorrect Ganondorf alt)

    Drac, Captain Heropon, Eli, Insomniac and Teuthida (for helping me with the math problem)
    Drac ⯈
    Captain Heropon ⯈
    Eli ⯈
    Insomniac ⯈

    Lewkiss (For drawing the Kirby and Inkling art on the thumbnail)
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