10 Disney Channel Shows Cancelled For Strange Reasons

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 1, 2019
  • These Disney Shows Were Cancelled Sooner Than Fans Wanted
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    Disney has made a lot of programs in the course of it taking over the film and television industries. However, that also means that its cancelled a lot of shows, and for pretty strange reasons some of the time.

    Like how Girl Meets World totally failed to cash in on the success of Boy Meets World and was resoundingly middling. Other spin-offs met similar fates, such as Sabrina: The Animated Series, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, and Cory In The House. Then there are shows that had to end because of unusual business dealings behind the scenes, like Lizzie McGuire. Others were cancelled because of Disney’s policy of moving onto new projects after two years, like Brandy And Mr. Whiskers, American Dragon: Jake Long, and Dave The Barbarian. Then there are some true oddballs like Gargoyles and Kim Possible, which both came back after their initial cancellation.

    Show business is a strange business, and that’s especially true of television shows. These 10 Disney shows that were cancelled for weird reasons are proof of that.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/HPSkdAAPVnc


  • HoneyBee X

    HoneyBee X

     6 months ago +2140

    Some of 'em were actually good.
    Like, Kim Possible... I cried.

  • Chef Cheese vids

    Chef Cheese vids

     8 hours ago

    Dued you forgot about randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja

  • MisterJang0



    Ew, a corporate-run YouTube channel.

  • Tony D

    Tony D


    Disney never makes more than 65 episodes of anything

  • REX12359



    Kim Possible was my favorite show Disney + better have it on the app

  • kuramayoko23


     3 days ago

    It is pronounced as deek. Not dick.

  • Felicia McNamara

    Felicia McNamara

     3 days ago

    Duck Tales is going to break that 2 season rule with a third season coming soon...

  • Dee C

    Dee C

     5 days ago

    I swear Brandy and Mr. whiskers needs more attention.

  • Movie Man

    Movie Man

     6 days ago

    Gargoyles has to come back someday I would love to see a continuation of where they left off and new adventures.

  • Lowalker Demolition

    Lowalker Demolition

     6 days ago

    What girl meets world was my bread and butter

  • Chasformer


     7 days ago

    What about Wander Over Yonder?

  • PredictedCyborg


     7 days ago

    Didn't American Dragon's second season also reboot the entire storyline too? That and the art change are why i stopped watching it. :x

    (also - note about the Sabrina the Teenager Witch entry, the company involved is spelt DiC but it's pronounced "Deec" not "Dick" :P Mind you, i suppose you've heard that already.)

  • Alfi Louis

    Alfi Louis

     7 days ago

    There was a Disney soap opera when I was younger that was filmed in Tel Aviv named Summer Days. The show got cancelled after the first season and the plot was left unfinished at the climax. I've never known why, but probably because it didn't bring enough audience

  • fawfulthegreat64


     7 days ago

    Buzz Lightyear of Star Command should come back, or at least the characters from it should show up as toys if they ever do anything else with the Toy Story franchise (i'm really not sure how a Toy Story 5 could work considering how the fourth ended, but still)

  • Molly Rose Patterson

    Molly Rose Patterson

     7 days ago

    Fillmore and the replacements buzz on Maggie

  • DISnut


     7 days ago

    I was wondering when you were going to get around to mentioning Gargoyles.

  • amaxwell7333


     7 days ago

    Most of these were my favorite Disney cartoons 😍. As far the reality shows I don't like them.

  • Payton show Payton thomas

    Payton show Payton thomas

     7 days ago

    Kim possible is now back on Disney by popular demand

  • Payton show Payton thomas

    Payton show Payton thomas

     7 days ago

    I miss Jake long soooooooooooo much

  • Payton show Payton thomas

    Payton show Payton thomas

     7 days ago

    All of these shows are now the most popular and some are back on Disney by popular demand and now make so much money