Game Theory: Exposing Metroid's HIDDEN Threat (Super Metroid)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 12, 2016
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    It's the age-old question, one of the biggest mysteries of our time: WHO are the animals in Metroid and should you SAVE them or LET THEM DIE?! Today I'm tackling this intense question with science and some deep lore from Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion to figure out who these little guys are and why they're even there in the first place. Only then can we figure out whose side they're really on!

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    Matpat: THEY ARE PURE EVIL!!!

    Me: Shut up they cute

  • Sea Queen

    Sea Queen


    Hey Matt Patt alot of equation you use that show up in math or science are hard to learn
    you should make a chainle that explain them that are shcooo freindly so you can help classes

  • Fotis Manolopoulos

    Fotis Manolopoulos

     7 days ago

    Soo,first comment says that creatures possibly scanned and proved negative to X infection,although what about the other evidence? I will tell,the ostrich you know and love is ALIEN, which means it is possible thst they can do a hole lot of stuff,like run super fast,normal ostriches already do that,so super alien ostrich does it better! As for the ship they could have some primitive intelligence,enough to know that if something goes bad,push this button so that you live,and push this button to go HIGH. They are aliens,so it isn't that hard to do these things.

  • Preston Elhard

    Preston Elhard

     7 days ago

    Who’s da chick?

  • Maureen Griffin-Richardson

    Maureen Griffin-Richardson

     7 days ago

    Piles of pixels. IS THAT WHAT YOU TAKE ME AS??

  • Orange Fox

    Orange Fox

     7 days ago

    Three things:

    The Choso saw these ostrich creatures jumping and where like “cool ability! how do we recreate that?” The ostrich creature didn’t see the suit and say “cool ability! how do we recreate that?”

    Second: they don’t need to know how to operate the ship to fly away if they got into a escape pod and just smacked a button they would be free.

    Three: the x parasite isn’t intelligent like the flood from halo they only attack on sight Samus would never be spared. She has Metroid DNA also so they would attack more.

  • SuperSpider Studios

    SuperSpider Studios

     7 days ago

    You can't give offence you can only take it

  • Batoul Fahs

    Batoul Fahs

     14 days ago

    I miss this intro

  • Jack Wagon

    Jack Wagon

     14 days ago +1

    They are smart

  • Jack Wagon

    Jack Wagon

     14 days ago +1

    The ostrich had the power first,then someone took it from them and put the power into metroid`s suit

  • Richard Dalessandro

    Richard Dalessandro

     14 days ago

    Metroid:mother Brian will kill you.
    The player:its mother brain not mother Brian.

  • Rakvalen Sypher

    Rakvalen Sypher

     21 days ago

    so basically this is like "the thing"

  • Diegis Fundirburko

    Diegis Fundirburko

     21 days ago

    Why would anyone waste money on pixelated animals when really, what they SHOULD be doing is donating/spending that money on OTHER THINGS.

  • Squally Cactus89

    Squally Cactus89

     21 days ago

    I’m killing my sick and dying dog now

  • The Pshycho Path

    The Pshycho Path

     28 days ago

    Samus and the X-parasite ares the frog and tarantula of metroid

  • Really?


     1 months ago

    peta kills lots and lots of animals

  • Blue Diamond

    Blue Diamond

     1 months ago


  • Glaceon Snowflake

    Glaceon Snowflake

     1 months ago


  • Glaceon Snowflake

    Glaceon Snowflake

     1 months ago

    Ye but they liek Samus so they good bois

  • WolfDiamondShadow


     1 months ago

    If there is one Metroid game filled to the brim with paranoia, it's Fusion. It's just the feeling of being watched that gets me everytime I play it.