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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 1, 2019
  • Source: https://youtu.be/GzpJ8RYlrM4


  • Aleyna G

    Aleyna G

     3 minutes ago

    Could someone explain me what she did? I'm new and do not know why y'all are hating🤨

  • lazorzilla


     4 minutes ago

    Why does this video have so many likes ?

  • Wan .Ying

    Wan .Ying

     6 minutes ago

    just don't come back

  • Bshhe Bbbhk

    Bshhe Bbbhk

     9 minutes ago

    I support you

  • kristina myrteza

    kristina myrteza

     21 minutes ago

    Ur fake af sorry girl

  • kristina myrteza

    kristina myrteza

     22 minutes ago +1

    R u kidding me ur not sorry no body accepts ur apology ur not sorry for what happened ur sorry because u don’t want a bad rep and that ur not adored u needa take responsibility for what happened what gives u the right to act like a priss cuz ur mommy n daddy r rich such a selfish human sorry but I’m tired of people getting things handed to them Olivia a lot of people work their ass off to get into nice colleges and for u to get stuff handed to u is such an insult shame on u ur such a spoiled brat who acts like a queen u needa b more respectful and own up to what u did and then we’ll accept ur apology like this is you agree

  • Kdubb815


     27 minutes ago

    It’s VERY clear this girl needs an actual education because she can’t put a cohesive thought together in a 2 minute video.
    Any girls looking up to this girl...please don’t. This entitled attitude, valley girl type of speaking is NOT attractive. This girl is the definition of narcissism.

  • The Aspie Girl

    The Aspie Girl

     27 minutes ago +11

    You guys are free to come and watch my channel instead! I actually try hard to make good videos!

  • king 28

    king 28

     29 minutes ago

    Hey Olivia how do you feel like being a crook and a cheat? Worthless huh? I agree :)

  • honeytaessi


     33 minutes ago +1

    who is this girl and can somebody enlighten me on what she did?

  • • Cora •

    • Cora •

     35 minutes ago

    this is the funniest video I've ever seen, good job, we "almost" believed you.

  • leanna ashley

    leanna ashley

     38 minutes ago +1

    ily olivis, take all the time you need b

  • Hugh J. Hassz

    Hugh J. Hassz

     41 minutes ago

    Little Ollie J how about you shut your channel off, get out into the real world, and do a real job that means something. This is vapid and venal. You say you don't want to make it about you but that is all it is. Ohh look at all the Christmas presents I got. Here I am getting ready to party (at the University you would never have gotten into). Look at me, Look at me, look at me. I don't hate you. I feel empathy for you and frankly I am sad for you that your parents created what appears to be a self centered, selfish, and completely unaware human being. You are young. You still have time to do something meaningful. Shut your channel down. Go help the poor in Africa and don't film it. Volunteer anonymously at a homeless shelter and don't film it. Feel what it is like to actually connect with other human beings far less fortunate than you. Listen to their stories. Feel their pain. Help them. And without trying to gain followers on IdiotTube. You have no idea how REAL it will make you feel and actually how GOOD it will make you feel. This phony curated and conjured life you lead is no good for your soul. You have the resources to make a real difference. So make one.

  • anthony we

    anthony we

     44 minutes ago

    What did she do

  • anthony we

    anthony we

     44 minutes ago

    ? What?

  • NH4 Ci

    NH4 Ci

     45 minutes ago

    Go back into hiding, nobody missed you 🙄

  • Emmy DIY

    Emmy DIY

     45 minutes ago


  • Lexie Newell

    Lexie Newell

     48 minutes ago

    WOW what a truly horrible girl. glad i worked really hard to get into usc. this girl has no right to play the victim here. flipping people off after she got caught for BREAKING THE LAW was the dumbest thing she could have done. i worked my ass off to get into my school and she cheated the system and screwed over every single one of the 56,000 people that applied to get in here. her mommy only wanted her to go so she could say she got accepted to such a well-known school. for everyone saying "she made a mistake" if it was any other person who didn't have this kind of following this wouldn't be acceptable at all. she obviously has learned nothing from this and will continue to get whatever she wants. what a spoiled brat.

  • Isabelle Sterken

    Isabelle Sterken

     52 minutes ago +1

    I love you!!! There will always be subs that do support you!! It's so nice to know that you're coming back:))))))))) ❤️❤️

  • Carrie Fisher

    Carrie Fisher

     55 minutes ago

    Guys the case is not solved yet! So keep your stupid coments for yourself if you don‘t have a f*cking clue whats going on in their life!