BEST Magic Show in the world - Cool Couple America's Got Talent - The Clairvoyants

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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  • Knarf Feob

    Knarf Feob

     2 hours ago

    She got the looks of Paris Hilton .

  • parvaiz hadayat

    parvaiz hadayat

     10 hours ago

    amli is i want to talk if it is possible

  • Marian Arnaut

    Marian Arnaut

     11 hours ago

    Morse cod...can have a smoll device in hair for exemple...beating on morse code!

  • Sam Sung

    Sam Sung

     16 hours ago

    I noticed that Howie Mandel rolled a six the first time then ask to pick up the dice and not show the one is opposite the 6 and he just flipped the dice over and they only shuffled his hand back and forth but held the dice in the number 1 position. The judges are part of the act and actually know the tricks.

  • barrybazbazza thompson

    barrybazbazza thompson

     20 hours ago

    Quite certain judges in on it,hire acts to boost ratings,always ask assistance from a judge not a random audience member

  • Raquel Vannucci

    Raquel Vannucci

     yesterday +1

    Maybe there is something in the swing she always sits on

  • Bloo Loo

    Bloo Loo


    Guys accent reminds me of blond guys on Family Guy !

  • Fahim Uddin

    Fahim Uddin


    All fake. 1) watch when she guesses numbers on 100 dollars bill. He is showing her via his microphone camera. 2) Or, all the staff is in agreement to fool the audience and attendance, as this show makes lots of money. The human can't do anything that Laws of physics do not allow. PERIOD.

  • Md.Rabiul Islam

    Md.Rabiul Islam


    Nice, Please see @t

  • Paweł G

    Paweł G


    14:35 not the same shape of the piece.

  • Paweł G

    Paweł G


    2:40 he looks for a white iphone, which they knew they could find in such big audience. He finds easily a one. looks what provider this is. The way he asks for the item, for example the order of following questions is a code from which she tels the provider. He could ask in other order, or use different words, or something like that. That could be a code they had practiced. I could do this trick.

  • Alex Tanaka

    Alex Tanaka

     2 days ago +1

    Can you give me the winning numbers for the lottery?

  • J.Howard J

    J.Howard J

     2 days ago

    Satanic or everyone is in on it.

  • Dave Counts

    Dave Counts

     2 days ago

    Simon is getting fat

  • Dave Counts

    Dave Counts

     2 days ago

    These fuck's aren't allowed w/in 100 miles of Vegas

  • sandi irmawan

    sandi irmawan

     3 days ago

    wow,, amazing..
    the best perform magic

  • Albert Carrion

    Albert Carrion

     3 days ago

    Paula was drunk as fuck and couldn't read some numbers lmao.

  • Alani Tariga

    Alani Tariga

     3 days ago

    She is reptilian.

  • luciano skaldeman

    luciano skaldeman

     3 days ago

    great magic horrible english

  • Firas Francis

    Firas Francis

     3 days ago

    I like it ..
    They have Variety of Performance acts ..