Verlander's 14 K's leads Astros to win: 8/3/18

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
  • Daily Recap: Justin Verlander struck out 14 and gave up just one run over 7 2/3 dominant innings, while Hector Rondon earned the saveAbout Major League Baseball: Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most historic professional sports league in the United States and consists of 30 member clubs in the U.S. and Canada, representing the highest level of professional baseball. Led by Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr., MLB currently features record levels of labor peace, competitive balance and industry revenues, as well as the most comprehensive drug-testing program in American professional sports. MLB remains committed to making an impact in the communities of the U.S., Canada and throughout the world, perpetuating the sport’s larger role in society and permeating every facet of baseball’s business, marketing and community relations endeavors. With the continued success of MLB Advanced Media and MLB Network, MLB continues to find innovative ways for its fans to enjoy America’s National Pastime and a truly global game.The American League consists of the following teams: Baltimore Orioles; Boston Red Sox; Chicago White Sox; Cleveland Indians; Detroit Tigers; Houston Astros; Kansas City Royals; Los Angeles Angels ; Minnesota Twins; New York Yankees; Oakland Athletics; Seattle Mariners; Tampa Bay Rays; Texas Rangers; and Toronto Blue Jays. The National League, originally founded in 1876, consists of the following teams: Arizona Diamondbacks; Atlanta Braves; Chicago Cubs; Cincinnati Reds; Colorado Rockies; Los Angeles Dodgers; Miami Marlins; Milwaukee Brewers; New York Mets; Philadelphia Phillies; Pittsburgh Pirates; San Diego Padres; San Francisco Giants; St. Louis Cardinals; and Washington Nationals.Visit to MLB.TV: http://mlb.tvDownload MLB At Bat: MLB Ballpark: MLB Clubhouse: Beat The Streak: R.B.I. Baseball: http://www.rbigame.comPlay Home Run Derby: MLB Tickets: Official MLB Merchandise: out for more!Connect with us:Facebook:
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  • wook1990


     a years ago +36

    The Dodgers went from scoring 21 runs and hitting 7 home runs to scoring just 1 run via the home run and striking out 16 times. Man, baseball is an amazingly cruel sport. Lol.

  • Cobalt


     a years ago +7

    Not fair Dodger Stadium is the Astros' 2nd home stadium

  • Kyle


     a years ago +4

    Both teams got 4 hits. Woods pitched well enough to win. JV is their ace and did what he does, and Houston had an unearned run which was the difference. Relax.

  • Neil Hatrick Harris

    Neil Hatrick Harris

     a years ago +14

    If you see this, I want you to know I love you :)

  • Harbi Setyo Nugroho

    Harbi Setyo Nugroho

     a years ago +7

    maldonado fit perfectly

  • Frederick McClenaghan

    Frederick McClenaghan

     a years ago +18

    Go Stros, picking up just where they left off.

  • Dodgers, Rams Lakers, Kings #LABleedsBlue

    Dodgers, Rams Lakers, Kings #LABleedsBlue

     a years ago +7

    its ok, I still love you dodgers

  • TheRealYoshi


     a years ago +3

    Bellinger's blunder at 1:02 cost them the game!

  • Zach Kostoff

    Zach Kostoff

     a years ago +56

    Thanks Houston
    -San Francisco

  • contfeg kneeknew

    contfeg kneeknew

     a years ago +8

    When can the Astros use Osuna?

  • Peter Parker

    Peter Parker

     a years ago +6

    Wth was bellinger looking at

  • Zach Wachs

    Zach Wachs

     a years ago +13

    Verlander is sending a message to the Dodgers. I still firmly believe no team in the big league's can beat the Astros with that rotation and that lineup, the Astros Al's have tremendous fielding to include the best middle infield in baseball. Justin verlander is arguably playing the best he ever has and took it out on the Dodgers last night.

  • search and destroy

    search and destroy

     a years ago +4

    Its funny how I come to Austin and everyone was a Rangers fan now they pose to the Asstros.

  • Titanicus FirePower

    Titanicus FirePower

     a years ago

    Walter single Not exactly bombarding the league yet pal lol

  • Cody Hicks

    Cody Hicks

     a years ago

    Real recognize real. We will earn our spot of recognition unlike these dodgers who are extremely over hyped every season.

  • Heidi Kleindienst

    Heidi Kleindienst

     a years ago

    Both teams are doing fine. People will overreact to this series either way. Odds are they won't meet again. JV was hot tonight. It's a home game for him. I doubt he even has a home in Houston.

  • Kyle


     a years ago




     a years ago

    @mlb it’s 3 am does mlb not sleep

  • Urban Outdoorsman

    Urban Outdoorsman

     a years ago +1

    Yeah that last pitched was low

  • RedRyder Z

    RedRyder Z

     a years ago +2

    This shit always happens. The dodgers get out of hand scoring a bunch of runs when the other team has clearly given up. Then next game they can't bring in a few runs. 2-1 cmon dodgers! They don't even have altuve or Correa!!!! Take out muncy!!! He had his time now he needs to sit down and give himself a break.