Film Theory: My Hero Academia - All Might's SECRET Quirk!



  • The Film Theorists

    The Film Theorists

     a years ago +6186

    A few thoughts that I'm excited to discuss:
    - As far as "Why wouldn't Deku inherit the same transformation power?" As I understand it, One for All isn't about actual POWERS getting passed down, but rather storing ENERGY. Despite being the eighth in line, All Might is just really strong -- he doesn't really demonstrate a lot of other quirks/powers like you would expect. That would imply either A) everyone who came before him had the quirk of "Super Strength" which seems unlikely or B) that One for All is more about absorbing the ENERGY of the users who came before and adding it up in the next person, almost as if you're adding the power levels from Dragon Ball Z.
    - Regarding the "I'm always flexing" explanation from Episode 2...he still needs a certain amount of energy to flex. That's' why he's only able to do it for a few hours and why, as One for All fades away, he can no longer "flex." But wouldn't that still classify it as a Transformation Quirk? His body IS changing. It just feels like an incomplete explanation...It could also be that he's lying. At this point in the series, Deku is still just a random kid, not a candidate for One for All, so presumably All Might wouldn't want to give away too much information. That's also why he avoids the specifics around where he got his injury from.
    - It's also clear that All Might's normal form is his skinny form. As we see in the training clips of young All Might, he was never naturally that buff. And that's him using One for All at nearly 100% right off the bat? Maybe I'm just reading too far into that moment.

  • Jack Chase

    Jack Chase

     3 months ago +990

    "Scrawny" he says, describing a 15 year old with a fully developed six pack.

  • Super Allstar

    Super Allstar

     21 days ago +440

    Deku also has a hidden ability.

  • Cassie Carpenter

    Cassie Carpenter

     14 days ago +223

    I have a new theory...

  • Diamond Kind

    Diamond Kind

     1 months ago +612

    Matpat: These are quirks like Froppy's frog form, ojirou's tail, and toru's invisibility. *doesn't show toru*
    Me: wait why didn't- o h

  • GrapeSpitJuice


     14 days ago +204

    Not a single soul:
    Not even Logan Paul:
    MatPat: "dAyKu"

  • Big Boi

    Big Boi

     3 months ago +1540

    Matt: Dayku
    Deku: Am I A Joke To You

  • All Might

    All Might

     21 days ago +85

    This quirk was so well hidden that i didnt know i had it

  • ViViSenpai ViViChan

    ViViSenpai ViViChan

     14 days ago +139

    Who else is watching to prepare for Season 4?
    Just me? Ok.

  • IDKarlee


     21 days ago +129

    I was confused when he said "Torus Invisibility" and she didn't show up but then I remembered

  • rehab alkhotani

    rehab alkhotani

     1 months ago +102

    My mom: why does it smell bad in here?
    Me after watching my hero academia:IT IS BECAUSE I AM HERE

  • PurpleCutie Of_The_Seven_Realms

    PurpleCutie Of_The_Seven_Realms

     2 months ago +1083

    Matpat: "Let's talk about anime"
    The single most important sentence to ever leave a man's mouth

  • فارس جهلان

    فارس جهلان

     14 days ago +53

    The video
    20% theory
    80% all might changing into muscle form
    Perfectly balanced as all things should be

  • StevieStyle


     14 days ago +56

    The pronunciation “Daykoo” is triggering me

  • Stephanie C

    Stephanie C

     7 days ago +28

    All the characters are super lovable.. except for one thing
    :cough: mineta :cough:

  • Devhuffcool 12

    Devhuffcool 12

     14 days ago +37

    All Might and Midoriya are as different as Day-Ku and Night- Ku.
    I thought Matt’s pronunciation of his name was funny.

  • reyesan1


     4 days ago +12

    Me: who's dayku?!?! Sounds a lot like Deku?!??? Maybe they're related!?!??
    *anger intensifies *

  • Kayla Brodman

    Kayla Brodman

     14 days ago +23

    “Subbed if you’re a purist, or dubbed if you hate reading”
    Me: what if you’re both a purist and hate reading but also doesn’t know any other language than English?
    Also me: *binge watch all anime series in one day without a single complaint because it’s so good.

  • Jumbled MegaDerp

    Jumbled MegaDerp

     14 days ago +19

    All might can just flex and everyone dead

  • Ashley Thomas

    Ashley Thomas

     21 days ago +18

    Ok ok- I'm sorry, but mat your killing me with the way you pronounce deku😅