BlackSmithing - Forging A Custom File Knife

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 21, 2017
  • How to forge a knife out of a file using my homemade anvil and forge. This is my first attempt at blacksmithing a knife and I had a lot of fun making this custom file knife. Please let me know what you think about my first forged knife that I have ever made. Thank you
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  • aaronwallerj


     4 months ago

    Couldn't stop watching the ants in the background and what makes them decide to go in that direction, then this?

  • Douglas Fathers

    Douglas Fathers

     5 months ago

    Just keep doing what you do best mate and that is making awesome knifes and axes cheers

  • -Sadistik-


     6 months ago

    The best blacksmith comes with patience, that being said let your steal get hotter

  • Md Dolal

    Md Dolal

     10 months ago

    Call me place

  • Md Dolal

    Md Dolal

     10 months ago

    New Very nice knife

  • tk daman

    tk daman

     a years ago

    Make a knife from a bike kick stand

  • Roland Lowhorn

    Roland Lowhorn

     a years ago

    Sharp on both sides maybe goat or sheep knife practical management

  • Eko


     a years ago

    wow keren... 👍😊

  • steven Hammond

    steven Hammond

     a years ago

    very cheap piece of "steel'

  • Narichie


     a years ago

    this is more like a sickle

  • GreatGoogleyMoogley !

    GreatGoogleyMoogley !

     a years ago +1

    You need hotter steel, don't cold forge. It's way harder to move the steel and it leaves fractures in it.

  • roargathor


     a years ago

    That hammer.... How does your wrist and elbow not explode?

  • sebol 2pac

    sebol 2pac

     a years ago

    good job bro

  • Kapi Rock

    Kapi Rock

     a years ago +2

    nice job, for the first it is a very good work.For my taste the curve of the blade would look better if it was less accentuated, but it was fine anyway. cheers

  • Ricky Cook

    Ricky Cook

     a years ago +1

    Tip don't wait till its pink do it when it's burning red it will be softer last longer and have a more higher chance to be an accurate finish besides that great job

  • Terry Harris

    Terry Harris

     2 years ago

    Man, that’s beautiful brother. I really enjoyed watching you make it. I haven’t checked out all of your videos yet, just three so far 💪🏻⚒🔥 did you make the anvil yourself? How about the forge? I loved the ball-peen hammer axe and the brick masons hammer war axe great job

  • DJ aanenson

    DJ aanenson

     2 years ago

    Now that! For a 1st forged knife is pretty damn cool. Looka like a skinning knife or filet knife to me though ... A bad ass one lol

  • MIKE C

    MIKE C

     2 years ago

    Jake your going to destroy your thumb.

  • Karl Gustav

    Karl Gustav

     2 years ago

    not too bad for a first one..

  • Lizard Lick RC

    Lizard Lick RC

     2 years ago +1

    Where did you find that big ass triangular file you used in the triangle dagger video? The biggest I’ve been able to find is a 3/8”