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  • Stephen Sharer and his Brother Carter Sharer went exploring at Sean’s Auto By Design car dealership in search of the coolest car ever. When the Sharer Bros arrived they saw 2 Lamborghinis, 1 Ferrari and something they could not believe. Sitting far away from where they were exploring, they saw an abandoned looking pickup truck sitting in the car show room. This truck was unlike any car they Sharer Fam has ever seen. It was a cool looking car but very scary looking at the same time. This car had over 5 skulls inside and outside and it was pitch black dark in color. The shifter on this car was unique too, it had a grim reaper type of shifter and the car looked like it was owned by some sort of haunted ghost. But how haunted could a car be, at least thats what Steven and Carter thought. That all changed once the Sharer Bros took the car for a test drive. As soon as they sat in the car, Steven and Carter new it was haunted, they could feel some sort of paranormal ghost activity and the car made some scary weird noises. As they drove the car got even more creepy and then it made a super loud noise. Stephen pulled off the side of the road into a field, looked at the car, then asked carter to take a picture. When Carter took the picture though, thats when things got weird, it appears some ghost is sitting in the car and that really freaked Stephen out so he raced home and returned the car. But right before that, there was a red button that Carter pressed and something CRAZY happened!!! If you think this car is haunted comment #Haunted and if you think Steven and Carter should do a 3am or 24 hour challenge in this car overnight, smash the like button!!!

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