The Shining: Why We Go Insane (The Myth of the Madman)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 16, 2018
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    Why do we go insane? We may all be prone to going off the deep end from time to time, but what if we stayed under the water? Before that happens, maybe we should ask ourselves what pushed us over the edge in the first place. The Shining shares a myth that imparts relevant truths, something that we all could have been told around a fire from a wise ancestor if our cultures were still organized that way; a ghost story, a cautionary tale designed to frighten your child self and keep you from a similar path: the myth of the madman.
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  • Vault Boya

    Vault Boya

     a years ago +543

    Are...... are you insane real dimensional? Lol just kidding, excellent analysis of madness and a well thought out video! New sub my friend :D

  • conkpit


     2 days ago

    Why do I get the hunch this narrator is trying to sound like Rod Serling?

  • chris witness

    chris witness

     3 days ago

    Our problem is not that we hate our lives, it’s that we love them too much, and feel entitled to whatever we want. Empathy deleted, sell your soul, stop all the checks of our conscience. We have more in common with the devil, than with God.

  • James Konzek

    James Konzek

     5 days ago

    Wendy is an oblivious unsympathetic fuel source for Jack's dysfunction. Jack wanted to be admired but Wendy was too daft to Jack's needs.

  • Damon G

    Damon G

     7 days ago

    This is social science propaganda, Pathetic

  • Jessica Reyes Leal

    Jessica Reyes Leal

     7 days ago

    If you stop learning, madness and horrors are what happen. Tony was the voice of reason and objective truth. You can't just get everything you want without the hard work and/or smart work. The word, 'entitlement,' was screaming at me the whole time along with everything you said. Cautionary tales and learning keep us from going insane and evil! Entitlement corrupts and makes the decision of, "what am I willing to sell my soul over," easier and quicker to answer. And the answer is usually disappointing and adds to the problem.
    You had me going for a minute but amazing video overall. It helps answer my questions that have been gnawing at me for ages.

  • John Berry Conway III

    John Berry Conway III

     14 days ago

    This is fucking dope!

  • Jebediah Wolf

    Jebediah Wolf

     14 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant analysis. Thanks.

  • Ruby


     21 days ago

    This analysis.... was amazing! I’ve never heard this take before and I’m so pleasantly surprised!

  • guitawrizt


     21 days ago

    We're Under the Dome.

  • Sandra Myers

    Sandra Myers

     21 days ago

    Hilarious your sister channel NFL lolol...

  • VSauce 4

    VSauce 4

     28 days ago

    Personally comfort and relief is the goal of my life to relax after the tax of the average day. But even if that relief comes when does it get old when do I become restless in tranquility and realize the adventure that comes from the stirring of the pond. What is my perfect balance of chaos and relaxation. How do we as humans balance the push and pull of boredom with the the opposition of needing rest and relief. We work to gain the freedom of choosing when we can move from one to the other. We work so that we may not work later. We work for the flexibility that power gives us through social status or through money and influence. We work to gain one step in the social ladder but at the expense of all those behind us. It’s like traffic as one person cuts off someone every person behind must slow causing a rubber band effect leading to traffic which in the end makes everyone suffer for the gain of the selfish action to start the traffic. People will would burn a bridge to make one move forward but will leave a broken path for anyone to follow. We struggle for meager gains at the back breaking stress of others. One man must do busy work in an office that does nothing meaningful to a whole companies ability to function for 10 times what a person who cleans urinals makes, despite the cleaning of a bathroom having much more of an impact and reason to be paid for than the busy work nothingness that random paper work that will be filed away and never given the light of day. We place so much unwarranted value into things that are not even percentage of the whole than a under appreciated section that we would suffer without. But that’s humanity a drunken stupor of trying to make the right decision in a world that doesn’t make logic sense.

  • Melinda Seagroves

    Melinda Seagroves

     28 days ago +1

    "See it's ok, he saw it on the television."
    Literally how people live today. Nobody questions it. They accept everything the television tells them. Creepy...

  • Erik Johnson

    Erik Johnson

     1 months ago

    Why are you throwing race into an opinion about a movie?

  • Marcel Zachary

    Marcel Zachary

     1 months ago

    I think that the Shining is about U.S.A fall from grace and where we are headed to collapsing.

  • DancesWithMetroids


     1 months ago

    17:42 "We're not taught about these unfortunate parts of history though..."
    ...what? Where in the U.S is there a school that doesn't mention the horrors of black slavery and Native American genocide? Black slavery is mentioned all the time in the media, why are you lying about this? There's a whole fucking month dedicated to black history lmfao. Why are you going on this substanceless tangent about social justice? Literally nobody is "forgetting about black slavery", if anything the Native American genocide gets wayyyy less attention and is hardly mentioned at all in mainstream media.

    That montage in the middle with the repetitive "don't remember anything, we're gonna have a good time" is so disengenous and cringe. You're free to have your white-guilt interpretation, but maybe you should have stuck with the "people seeking pleasure sign themselves into a contract with the source of that pleasure" idea and fleshed it out a bit more instead of pandering to white guilt.

    And before anybody @s me with "slavery denyerrrr!1!!" I read about all of this in elementary school, just like millions of other school children, and watched movies and read books, and watched TV about the subject. Saying this subject is "forgotten" is so untrue it's laughable.

    I gotta say, coming from your Hereditary essay to this fills me with a lot of disappointment, because that video was so well thought out and excellently presented and intriguing in the ideas of presented, but starts off well enough and just descends into pandering. You're better than this.

  • DancesWithMetroids


     1 months ago

    "You mean they...ate each other up?"
    "They had order to survive."

    It is a dog eat dog world out there wouldn't you say?

  • Heidi Kleindienst

    Heidi Kleindienst

     1 months ago

    SoDoSoPaaaa . . .

  • Red Nightshade

    Red Nightshade

     1 months ago

    I don't think Charles Manson was mad, he was just hyper aware.

  • Max Hoffmann

    Max Hoffmann

     1 months ago

    Really excellent work!