Youtube Bans Infowars (I Condemn This And It Needs to Stop)

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
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  • Brittany Pettibone

    Brittany Pettibone

     a years ago +2769

    If YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and Apple can ban Infowars, they can ban all of us. The precedent is set.

  • David Knight

    David Knight

     a years ago +296

    Great rant. Awesome delivery and right on.

  • Conscious Caracal

    Conscious Caracal

     a years ago +162

    I've never seen you this livid, Styx. The culture war has just begun.

  • Crimson Clover

    Crimson Clover

     a years ago +81

    And when is CNN going to get shut down for it's Russian conspiracy theories??

  • M C

    M C

     a years ago +18

    I downloaded the Infowars app

  • M3GAGAM3R1988


     a years ago +691

    Its not just YouTube. They were banned from facebook, and their podcasts were banned from apple products as well. This was a coordinated attack.

  • Jessica Lancaster

    Jessica Lancaster

     a years ago +40

    everyone is pissed that alex jones had this happened to him he is going to get really popular now

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Billy Bob Thornton

     a years ago +144

    It's more than just channel preferences. This is an all out ideological war. With TV the globalist-owned stations and media outlets could control what you viewed. They realize YouTube is the antithesis of that, so now they're pulling content because it destroys their narrative. Same 'ole game.

  • WesleyAPEX


     a years ago +124

    I guarantee you The Young Turds pulled some strings to make this happen

  • The Lethargic Sloth

    The Lethargic Sloth

     a years ago +70

    ....and yet The Young Turks can continue spewing their own hate and bigotry because they're on the left....Pathetic. ....and I support their right to do that because I support free speech. People can choose to watch what they want and they can see that Cenk is crazy by watching TYT. This constant banning of libertarian/right wing content and this bending to the intolerant left and censorship needs to stop.

  • SaltySalt


     a years ago +58

    YouTube just proved Alex Jones and Infowars right.

  • S L

    S L

     a years ago +18

    There's an Alex Jones in each one of us.

  • And then they said

    And then they said

     a years ago +18

    They didn't just Ban Alex Jones, they made it impossible for him to go on any You tube channel.

  • aifoS Films

    aifoS Films

     a years ago +30

    If we don’t speak against this we will all be banned. This has made me create my own channel and have my own Voice. I’m working on it.

  • marybeth koons

    marybeth koons

     a years ago +10

    Go Styx go!
    Never seen you this passionate...
    Free Speech...and free choice, now there's a cause, a reason to be passionate.

  • ilocosmetro


     a years ago +926

    When will they ban Young Turks if this is going to be a thing?

  • Sandwich Spread

    Sandwich Spread

     a years ago +10

    Trump haters are American Traitors
    Bring back Alex Jones

  • S L

    S L

     a years ago +27

    Weren't the media screaming for Free Press couple days ago?... the right for News presenters to speak their mind?? Ohh, I forgot... It doesn't apply to right leaning media!!

  • Adino1


     a years ago +6

    These tech companies have revealed to the world that they now have the power to censor speech on a global scale and are willing to exercise it.



     a years ago +8