The Ultimate Funfetti Cake

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 7, 2018
  • Here's how to turn any cake into a funfetti cake: the recipe! - us out on Facebook! - via Audio Network
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  • GypSea ASMR

    GypSea ASMR

     a years ago +879

    Who else sees this & thinks “Looks delicious but I don’t feel like doing all those dishes after”😅

  • Sara Mei Wayne

    Sara Mei Wayne

     a years ago +128

    Honey, That cake needs more sprinkles

  • Daisy Rodriguez

    Daisy Rodriguez

     a years ago +360

    So who else is ready for David to remake this next week😂

  • Dragon Fire

    Dragon Fire

     a years ago +177

    Whoever disliked this video must be a pie person.

  • Valerie D

    Valerie D

     a years ago +69

    Tbh I wish this had Alexis narrating like the ultimate chocolate cake video and the ultimate chocolate chip cookie video

  • Jeanne Marie Thompson

    Jeanne Marie Thompson

     a years ago +146

    David Seymour should try this

  • Ebony Daniels

    Ebony Daniels

     a years ago +157

    OK Tasty now this is cute 💕 but Betty Crocker beat you to the punch lol she's had a box recipe for years 😂

  • whoopsala


     a years ago +18

    If you read this - have a good day
    God this looks delicious :3

  • surreal fuckery

    surreal fuckery

     a years ago +64

    Even the whisk is rainbow lol

  • Ren


     a years ago +73

    Lol a cake video right on my Birthday XD

  • Candy Luna burst

    Candy Luna burst

     a years ago +109

    So adorable cake 🍰🍰

  • GeekyGrace 10

    GeekyGrace 10

     a years ago +14

    Is it weird I could almost actually taste and smell the cake

  • Katelynn P

    Katelynn P

     a years ago +29

    Ddddaaaaavid Ssssseeeemour📢

  • Taaae Ahmed

    Taaae Ahmed

     a years ago +144

    Where's Justin Y.?

  • Galaxy Fox_107

    Galaxy Fox_107

     a years ago +3

    Somethings wrong hmmm

  • creatively beautiful

    creatively beautiful

     a years ago +2

    Aaah perfect seen when they posted this it was my birthday

  • Joey Lorenzo

    Joey Lorenzo

     a years ago +53

    The killer calorie cake

  • smileatmenow


     a years ago +2

    Cam David Seymour do this and then COMPARE it with a BOX CAKE MIX???? 🙏

  • corey


     8 months ago +3

    "4 eggs + 4 yolks"
    This is harder than Steel and Feathers

  • Elliejohnson11


     3 months ago +1

    I love watching these vids because It always motivates me to try to do as good as this but is never happens