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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 4, 2016
  • Using a large giant Fresnel Lens, the Leidenfrost effect occurs. This is a large Spot Fresnel Lens concentrating a little over one square meter of sunlight to a well on a cast iron egg poaching pan.
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  • Adam Palczyński

    Adam Palczyński

     2 years ago

    Hello, I have a few questions and i hope you will help me to find solutions.
    I am in the middle of writting the thesis about leidenfrost effect which is well known and featured, beacause of its attractiveness. But the problem is, I am supposed to describe these stars or stars imitating shapes of water and i cannot find this kind of phenomenon anywhere. I wish I known when it happens or what is needed at least. It looks to me like noone wants to describe it. I am stuck. Can u help me?

  • LKH Fun

    LKH Fun

     3 years ago

    It's the visual equivalent of popping bubble wrap.  :-)

  • Ken Williamson

    Ken Williamson

     3 years ago

    I love you site - this is great stuff. hey could you try melting some plastic bags with that lens? I want to melt some plastic with solar power and the Fresnel is appealing method

  • Amdraz


     3 years ago

    Great footage, a brief explanation of the science behind it would really add to the video though.

  • 321RCHeli


     3 years ago

    Man, I'd stay well away from something like that to protect eyes and skin; what's the UV concentrations like?

  • taha fcb

    taha fcb

     3 years ago

    my friend how mush is mirror

  • Paul Evans

    Paul Evans

     3 years ago

    Is it a new camera? Looks great and thanks for putting out more videos lately!

  • tombensky


     3 years ago

    Firefighters equivalent to the soldier's marching to the sound of the guns. Thanks.

  • Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez

     3 years ago

    Thanks for the cool footage!

  • sjow


     3 years ago

    we needed music for this

  • Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez

     3 years ago

    how hot can you actually go with these lenses? and cant you set 2 focal points of 2 different lenses to make it twice as hot?

  • motherjoon


     3 years ago

    Dan, have you published any books of your own?

  • x9x9x9x9x9


     3 years ago

    Hey Dan do you sell the focused lenses without a frame?

  • Solar Ray of Death

    Solar Ray of Death

     3 years ago

    That was cool!

  • Divergent Droid

    Divergent Droid

     3 years ago

    For those who don't know: The Leidenfrost effect is a physical phenomenon in which a liquid, in near contact with a mass significantly hotter than the liquid's boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer keeping that liquid from boiling rapidly. Due to this ‘repulsive force,’ the droplet hovers over the surface rather than making physical contact with it.

  • wolfmanradio


     3 years ago

    It looks like clear Flubber

  • DEO


     3 years ago +1


  • nuclearthreat545


     3 years ago

    whats that garbage in there? what did you mix in

  • Something 2LookAt

    Something 2LookAt

     3 years ago

    Very neat footage! What were the other liquids?

  • Bullfrog FPV

    Bullfrog FPV

     3 years ago +1

    Thanks! Glad to see some new videos. You guys are awesome!