the window broke and then i saw blood

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 27, 2019
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  • Alice Lodge

    Alice Lodge

     yesterday +1

    Did you know that you could eat 8 spiders while sleeping

  • Phillip Farley

    Phillip Farley


    Bruh did dis really happen or is it a fib

  • Gemma Edwards

    Gemma Edwards

     3 days ago

    Next time tell us were you live

  • xXGamerDigitXx


     4 days ago

    i remember that accident off a news, i would never imagine how awful that experience was for all of them...

  • Haley Brownson

    Haley Brownson

     5 days ago

    Are you guys OK now

  • Sonic plush adventures time

    Sonic plush adventures time

     5 days ago

    Window broke and I saw blood no you didnt

  • Luna Catseye

    Luna Catseye

     6 days ago

    nd scary

  • Natasha Dudarev

    Natasha Dudarev

     6 days ago

    drop a like if u had an heart attack no offense but i think some of u will bully meh..🤞

  • Cripted Gamer

    Cripted Gamer

     6 days ago


  • Adrian Vlogs

    Adrian Vlogs

     6 days ago

    My life took a turn when my house burned

  • Erika Araiza

    Erika Araiza

     6 days ago

    I cried when you'r perits were in the hospital 😭😭😱😱

  • Renee _nee

    Renee _nee

     6 days ago +1

    now i have a fear 2

  • Bird CrowBird

    Bird CrowBird

     7 days ago

    That why school is gay. This is why, we have to staying in the school for so long and so bullshit for more than at least more than 5 hours.

  • Team Jaguar

    Team Jaguar

     7 days ago

    That’s me:
    Afraid of storms

  • mia nagle

    mia nagle

     7 days ago

    done bye

  • Reynaldo Chavez

    Reynaldo Chavez

     7 days ago +1

    Her: she saw blood

    Me: there is no blood there is glass

  • fischy games

    fischy games

     7 days ago


    There was no blood!!

  • Mango Productions

    Mango Productions

     7 days ago

    You aren’t alone my friend.

  • Aryam Yassin

    Aryam Yassin

     7 days ago +1

    Me too I am scared when I ask my teachers what are your biggest fears they tell me and I told him mine they say oh it doesn’t happen where we live but it’s actually never happened yet and I don’t like what happened that’s good that you’re safe family safe

  • kill me

    kill me

     7 days ago

    3:15 why is that so creepy...?