5 Bread Gadgets put to the Test

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 24, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/FyiMhcKxmVs


  • Smug Hat Kid

    Smug Hat Kid

     a years ago +1678

    We’re reached a point where we need gadgets for bread

  • Kayla Griffith

    Kayla Griffith

     a years ago +620

    "bird gadgets"



     a years ago +107

    Wait , lemme get my safety goggles before i cut some bread.

  • it._ .me71

    it._ .me71

     a years ago +50

    If it gets burnt I can turn it off 2 seconds later oh no I burned my toast



     a years ago +111

    The best thing since sliced bread!

  • Mr. Bulldops Smith

    Mr. Bulldops Smith

     a years ago +63

    With the bagel gadget I would have just lost my patience and thrown it at the wall

  • shell company

    shell company

     a years ago +31

    Who loves garlic bread?

  • unpossible11


     a years ago +83

    OR.. Get this... You can just cut the bread like a normal person.

  • Gabrielle :0

    Gabrielle :0

     a years ago +5

    1990: We'll have flying cars
    2018: ...

  • 1701spacecadet


     a years ago +414

    I’ve got a gadget for muffins.
    It’s called a knife.

  • Didi G

    Didi G

     a years ago +5

    I kept heard him saying “bird “ instead of “bread” the whole video, which made this even more entertaining !

  • Tom Howard

    Tom Howard

     a years ago +9

    Still relevant after all these years. Keep it up

  • Jm Cargo

    Jm Cargo

     a years ago +5

    He keep on saying bird keeper, 😂

  • Amy Almanza

    Amy Almanza

     a years ago +12

    🐦bird gajicks 🐦

  • SeanBits


     a years ago +725

    "it's like a hotdog"

  • GTR Wendy

    GTR Wendy

     a years ago +131

    Hey trending you drunk again?

  • Joshface420


     a years ago +27

    This video is the best thing since sliced bread

  • Lance Wolfe

    Lance Wolfe

     a years ago +2

    In Mother Russia, bread cuts you!😂😂 Great vid, as usual. My wife bakes bread, it tastes amazing👍🏽

  • wakajumba


     a years ago +5

    Just use a fork to separate an english muffin.

  • peglc legg

    peglc legg

     a years ago +2

    I like the bread box but I would twist the plastic inside to keep the bread fresher. 👍👍