Pixar Movie Changes In Other Countries

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 7, 2019
  • These Pixar Movies Had Major Changes In Other Countries
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    Disney is a massive entertainment giant with movies releasing all the time, all over the world. Did you ever stop to think about how many people it takes to make something like that work? Entire teams dedicated to one job, such as translating the movies into different languages.

    It turns out that getting Disney and Pixar movies ready for different countries is not as easy as throwing the script into Google translate. Sometimes entire jokes or scenes depend on an understanding of American culture. When that happens, the people behind the movie need to make some... adjustments.

    Today, TheBinger is going to break down the most creative and confusing changes animators made for international audiences. Things like messages on cupcakes, weird food preferences, and even an entire character. Some of it was made to help audiences understand, and some was just plain fun.

    So join us at TheBinger for a look into how Disney and Pixar change movies for international audiences.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/FxzL7UYyAeg


  • Happy Ball

    Happy Ball

     6 months ago +7525

    On my vacation to Japan, I watched Toy Story 2 in Japanese on the plane. When buzz did the thing, there was Earth in the background instead of the American flag.

    Edit: Did you guys notice the characters speaking lip synced perfectly with his voice?

  • WutttGaming (Omlet)

    WutttGaming (Omlet)

     2 days ago

    In my country, It not only Changing the Word or some-by the movie, Them cut The scene an put ad like 40 minute

  • That Guy

    That Guy

     4 days ago

    interesting details: non-americans often do not get the hollywood obsession with wooden houses, as in the pixar film up. why? wooden houses are considered in europe and asia living houses of the poor. so, all those films with kids in wooden houses? for non-americans a sign of a poor childhood. another example: the american focus on sports at school. though sports plays a role at european schools, obviously, there are no cheerleaders and school contests work slightly different. it means, many film tropes about cheerleaders, bullies and sports events do not work. btw, same for halloween: most people in the world, especially in asia and europe, do not care and do not get halloween, at all. the biggest confusion usually comes from 70's and 80's pop culture references, that you find a lot in hollywood films and tv series. now, the majority of people outside usa do not get it, especially when they refer to tv ads, unless you are into us-american pop culture. stranger things is a good example of this confusion, which works best for non-americans who are into us-pop culture.

  • Karstens Creations

    Karstens Creations

     7 days ago

    The cupcake gag from Monsters could also have been translated by having the original cupcakes Leslie... Two of them would be eyeballs and the rest would be dots that form a smiley-face originally...

    When the cupcakes land on Randall's face, the dots that originally comprised the smile could be arranged upside-down to make it a frown instead...

  • Zacariah Jankovics

    Zacariah Jankovics

     7 days ago +1

    why does jox have only 5 monsters they said 6 per team and yet there in

  • Fabiha Iffat

    Fabiha Iffat

     7 days ago

    Yes. Chasing a ball around is more exciting than hockey. Because it is the number one game in the world...😡😡

  • Anna Pachar

    Anna Pachar

     7 days ago

    well that's a snow leopard with the moose

  • Blush Flower

    Blush Flower

     7 days ago

    Pixar and Disney are too kind

  • Eric Arther

    Eric Arther

     7 days ago

    What's so weird about the globe in the room?

  • Marla Flores

    Marla Flores

     7 days ago

    Creo que soy la Unica que hablo español😑😐😐

  • Ciaran O'Neill

    Ciaran O'Neill

     7 days ago

    It was probably the other way around, the American kids don't know what globes are so had to have their flag 😂😂

  • djmulder


     7 days ago

    "what parent hasn't struggled for their children to eat their veggies" ... * looks at his 4 year old eating raw green food including brocoli *... yeh .. totes ..and I'm the veggie hater xD

  • Jo Walkabout

    Jo Walkabout

     14 days ago

    Fun fact: in Australia rabbits and foxes are pests that we try to eradicate.

  • Jesus Yeahyeah

    Jesus Yeahyeah

     14 days ago

    Soccer is better than hockey bro

  • Jiyeon Jung

    Jiyeon Jung

     14 days ago

    The way this guy pronounces sords that arent traditionally english really pisses me off but the content of the video is still good
    So I'm in a state of confusion...
    Do I like this or not.

  • ꧁Mike Sully꧂

    ꧁Mike Sully꧂

     14 days ago

    There is so much self hate and white worshipping in Japan

  • RainVine


     14 days ago

    I'm an animator :D

  • Cloudz


     14 days ago +2

    This man said Ra—Ta—To—E

  • Malevolent The Dragon

    Malevolent The Dragon

     14 days ago +1

    Please, please let the comments be filled with “Ra-taa-touille”. I can’t get over this bs, haha.

  • Video Harian

    Video Harian

     14 days ago

    They changed it but we don't care about that😂