Red Sox-Tigers Game 2 ALCS Highlights

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 12, 2014
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  • Ryan Doyle

    Ryan Doyle

     1 months ago

    The Tigers had far more talent than that Red Sox team. By far the most overachieving of the Red Sox 4 World Series winning teams.

  • Kevin Eaddy

    Kevin Eaddy

     1 months ago

    Those 2011-12-13 Tigers just couldnt get over the hump

  • Thetruth99


     2 months ago +1

    The amount of talent on the field in this game is amazing.....

  • Francis Maxwell

    Francis Maxwell

     2 months ago

    Oh where did those days go for the Tigers? Great pitching staff, sluggers, speed, gloves...young All Star left handed hitting catcher.....where did they go?

  • Red Sox United

    Red Sox United

     4 months ago

    Scherzer was a beast that year

  • Stephanie Malley

    Stephanie Malley

     4 months ago

    9:36, Papi's homer and policeman's arms!! Love it 🙌💪👏😎

  • The Vanilla Godzilla

    The Vanilla Godzilla

     5 months ago

    Calm down it's just one game to one game geez!

  • Virgil Lowers

    Virgil Lowers

     7 months ago +1

    One of the great playoff moments of all time, Papi's grand slam.

  • Donald Mousseau

    Donald Mousseau

     9 months ago +1

    I miss this version of Pedroia... Who by the way now is only one of two Red Sox with 3 Rings... Ortiz being the other...

  • Sean Mahon

    Sean Mahon

     9 months ago

    It was a clutch hit, for Papi. Red Sox Rock and Rule. It was a Sunday Night. Brady won it, for Patriots against Saints 30-27, for Sunday Afternoon.

  • Shadow Mario

    Shadow Mario

     10 months ago +1

    Red sox wins

  • Dan Woodwick

    Dan Woodwick

     10 months ago

    5:38 "Avila hit a home run.. Give him a lollipop!" Lol

  • Jared Lee

    Jared Lee

     11 months ago

    6:20 wow I am sure glad handshakes have evolved a bit in the last few years...

  • mikechet49


     11 months ago +1

    F———‘ Awesome!! Sox rule!!!!

  • Will John

    Will John

     11 months ago +3

    Bucholtz was that classic: “great stuff, couldn’t execute a game plan” type guy. The biggest problem with young pitchers today: all throw hard and lack the true feel for big games and the rhythm it requires.

  • Jerry Shunk

    Jerry Shunk

     a years ago

    Back in the day Max would have finished the game & the Tigers would have been 2 up going to Detroit. The "Glory" of the starting pitcher going all the way has been lost.

  • Brandon M.

    Brandon M.

     a years ago +1

    Dear Red Sox, fuck u

  • Red Scorpion

    Red Scorpion

     a years ago +4

    9:47 Back at the wallllll....... TIE GAME!!!!!

  • 316lawdog


     a years ago

    Why would jim take max scherzer out ? He was fucking killing the sox. A no hitter through 6 and 15 fucking strikeouts.

  • TraGicLife


     a years ago

    why does Jim Leyland always look so fucking pissed lol and I'm a tiger fan so I see him a lot, or did see him a lot because he retired but you get the point damnit