Fun Summer Grilling Recipes

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
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  • Netizpossible


     a years ago +186

    It's probably just me but the pizza in the thumbnail looks like a playdough pizza.

  • Your Daily Dad Joke

    Your Daily Dad Joke

     a years ago +69

    Nothing better than watching people make food in an empty stomach.

  • bay leaf

    bay leaf

     a years ago +56

    No video's the same
    Tasty killing the game
    Grilling pizza for fame
    My mouth salivates
    As the grill
    heats up in flames
    I wish I could
    Cook as amazingly good
    But these instructions for me
    cannot be understood
    I'm simply too helpless
    When in the kitchen
    Grilling a snack
    Gets me all flinching
    So I'll leave it to you
    To cook all the treaties
    While I eat away
    What my belly pleases
    Hopefully I won't turn fat
    Or get diabetes

  • Brenda B Uribe

    Brenda B Uribe

     a years ago +52

    I wish I could just take it out of the screen! I dont have the talent to make all that 😂😂😂 or time

  • Justin Y.

    Justin Y.

     a years ago +166

    Ok anyone notice that weird spiral handle that grill had?

  • Glad92tear


     a years ago +21

    But you didnt cook the apron ..

  • Nat And Ari

    Nat And Ari

     a years ago +24

    Hi people who watch people grill things

  • Kamie Kam

    Kamie Kam

     a years ago +10

    Ribs are way better when theyre falling off the bone

  • Eesh Chadha Chadha

    Eesh Chadha Chadha

     a years ago +10

    In India we just rub lemon juice and black salt on the corn . It's a kind of a street food which is eaten during monsons

  • Justin Eats

    Justin Eats

     a years ago +5

    Wow, that apron is fully loaded.

  • Sincerely Eccentric

    Sincerely Eccentric

     a years ago +5

    Why am i watching this, and i dont even own a grill.

  • Rondy Fox

    Rondy Fox

     a years ago +3

    “Fun Summer Grilling Recipes”
    2 days and summer will be over
    Haha, okay.

  • Mocha Milk

    Mocha Milk

     6 months ago +1

    For the grilled corn :
    That was so cheesy it was corny



     a years ago +4

    I just watch because I am hungry 😋

  • pop candy

    pop candy

     a years ago +3

    Why the cover looked like a play dough pizza? (Not to be rude or anything)

  • I’m A Cow

    I’m A Cow

     a years ago +2

    Your a BIT late for that. Its noe back to school shoping season. >:€

  • Fouad Chahbandar

    Fouad Chahbandar

     a years ago +4

    I know this seems weird, but my family here in the UAE only grill in winter because you will die if you go outdoors in summer, we only go out for watermarks mostly, and it is much much cooler in the winter.

  • Bri Cookie

    Bri Cookie

     a years ago +5

    Summer almost over ;-; why would u post this now

  • Rihanna_24 . com

    Rihanna_24 . com

     a years ago +5

    First! Haha before justin. Y! OKURRRT!

  • ojeje mercyTv

    ojeje mercyTv

     a years ago +1

    Very tasty.. Thank you so much for cheering this wonderful video