Fun Summer Grilling Recipes

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
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  • Starry_ Night

    Starry_ Night

     1 months ago

    Grilled lemonade...


  • That Dude Kurt

    That Dude Kurt

     2 months ago

    Bacon wrapped pineapple hotdogs...

    How much acid do you people take over there?

  • Miss Perfect

    Miss Perfect

     3 months ago

    Why are they using kosher salt?

  • Andrew Browne

    Andrew Browne

     6 months ago

    Alright well look who’s going to spend a bunch of money on that apron

  • Desiree Walker

    Desiree Walker

     6 months ago

    Did they censor them shoving a beer can with half left in up a chickens butt or is it because im up 1:35 in the morning

  • Mocha Milk

    Mocha Milk

     7 months ago +1

    For the grilled corn :
    That was so cheesy it was corny

  • Default


     9 months ago

    proceeds to die from Lead poisoning

  • Cal


     10 months ago


  • Megan Chesnok

    Megan Chesnok

     10 months ago

    What are half these recipes tho

  • That random Blonde girl Meera

    That random Blonde girl Meera

     11 months ago

    I love corn but I have braces and can’t eat corn on the cob I swear I will have elotes when I have my braces off

  • skidiki papap

    skidiki papap

     11 months ago

    if you consider the cal of each of this foods you will understand that this is a terrorist attack not a food video

  • Aldo Jesús Mota Guerrero

    Aldo Jesús Mota Guerrero

     a years ago

    y la carnita asada? >:v

  • Kewpie Fan Club

    Kewpie Fan Club

     a years ago

    a great video... lets follow each other so that we can connected.

  • Füge Szabolcs

    Füge Szabolcs

     a years ago

    Not too bad, but leave this for the pit boys... haha

  • Its a teen life

    Its a teen life

     a years ago

    Okay i gotta admit that was a really cool apron and a grillers dream!!

  • Elizabeth Brown

    Elizabeth Brown

     a years ago

    Yeah, that beer chicken came out raw as hell. I had to finish it in the oven for another 40 minutes. We got our grill to stay at 400-425 degrees (we couldn't get it down to 350) and we even cooked it for 40 minutes...flip...add bbq sauce...and cooked for 30 more minutes instead of the 10-15 they suggested and it still came out raw as hell. This is the second time a buzzfeed recipe sucked balls. Never again, yall. lol

  • Jesus Hernandez vids

    Jesus Hernandez vids

     a years ago

    it’s amazing

  • Barbara Herrera

    Barbara Herrera

     a years ago

    The food looks delicious 👍👍

  • DevTillDed


     a years ago

    Is it me, or does grilled corn taste bad?

  • DC_Girlie


     a years ago

    But I don’t have a grill RIP