VENOM Trailer Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed! #SDCC

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • Venom Trailer #3 gets a full breakdown, shot by shot, for all the details you missed! What are the other symbiotes in this Venom trailer, and where is Carnage? What is Venom's mission? Erik Voss breaks down the Venom Comic Con trailer, uncovering all the subtle visual clues and details that were hidden in the imagery. Who is Riot? Why is there a Life Foundation space shuttle in the background? Will there be a Spider-Man cameo in Venom? What exactly does Venom SAY in this footage? And why is Tom Hardy perfectly suited to play Eddie Brock?CONNECT WITH US!Facebook: WITH ERIK: THANKS TO OUR PATREON SUPPORTERS (, including these beautiful people:Kelly HopperKenny SmithMatthew SalvasPony StarkWilhelmina EbbesonRose BellandiEric OliverChelsea KerrHolli ChandlerEdward LaauTJ SmithLori DenningAlan FlemingMike KotselecTheodora HobsonCaroleBDCDivaArthur VilenskiyWilliam HolzJohn SemanderJason McCauleyExecutive Creative Director: Filup Molina Producer: Jeben BergPost Production Supervisor: Aaron CarrionMusic: "Sci Fi" from
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  • Timothy Park

    Timothy Park

     a years ago +326

    Venom was just like "Damnnn you lookin like a snacc." Literally.

  • juliazaidi


     10 months ago +241

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly,
    He snacc

  • hemicy lim try get 100 sub woth no views

    hemicy lim try get 100 sub woth no views

     10 months ago +44

    anybody have already watch the movie?
    1 like =1 p0eopl who watch the movie

  • Jesus Medina

    Jesus Medina

     10 months ago +66

    Edy:*take The elevator*

  • Shamikh Pasha

    Shamikh Pasha

     10 months ago +20

    You were right riot is the main villain and carnage was in the post credits scene I know this because I just came out movies watching the movie.

  • George Thomas

    George Thomas

     a years ago +219

    Carnage deserves to have a whole movie just dedicated to him. Like I don't really think he'll fit in to this film in a good way.

  • Radu Mihai

    Radu Mihai

     10 months ago +122

    Venom can't be a cannibal if it's alien, but if it eats humans, that's an antropophagus

  • Game_Kill0


     10 months ago +97

    You know what they should actually do? Make a venom game

  • Rees Nielsen

    Rees Nielsen

     10 months ago +37

    all i want is to see my boi carnage in a movie thats not a cartoon

  • a cat

    a cat

     10 months ago +8

    every time I hear him say spider wont be in the movie, i think of the line in infinity war, "mister stark, I don't feel good"

  • falconbeast9


     a years ago +177

    They should definitely save Carnage for a sequel ‼️

  • Isabel Contreras

    Isabel Contreras

     10 months ago +28

    6:31, he's not really a cannibal cuz he's not human, a cannibal is a PERSON who eats other people. He's like a human eating a pig, that's not cannibalism cuz a pig and human aren't the same species, Klyntars and humans aren't the same race so long story short, Venom is not a cannibal

  • razeenrajaful


     10 months ago +4

    Sequal, because he's Venoms offspring and it would take some time to reproduce.

  • avery thomas

    avery thomas

     10 months ago +15

    I thought he said “like a BIRD in the wind” for a while💀

  • K Kekumii

    K Kekumii

     10 months ago +42

    WHAT IF ONE OF THE end credits are where a piece of the ship makes it on KLYNTAR and symbiotics start climbing on it. Then another end credit sence where Tom/Peter Parker see a clip of Venom. This could set up an Venom/Spiderman Team Up movie. This could be how Carnage is Born and How Venom gets a Spider on the chest

  • Gaming Castle

    Gaming Castle

     a years ago +1278

    Carnage should be the main villain for the sequel

  • fist breaker

    fist breaker

     10 months ago +12

    It is Riot not phage

  • GendiGo


     10 months ago +7

    after seeing venom today i can pretty much confirm that the sequl could be called and be based around venom vs carnage

  • Cursed


     10 months ago +1

    Sequel for carnage
    Btw Carnage is my favorite symbiote
    What are yours?

  • jordan whittington

    jordan whittington

     5 months ago +2

    5:57 was venom drooling there for a second?!