UFC 243: Weigh-in

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 4, 2019
  • Watch the UFC 243: Whittaker vs. Adesanya Weigh-in live on Friday, October 4th at 8pm/5pm ETPT.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/FXCAYuuW-jY


  • Flash Gamer

    Flash Gamer


    17:24 bruce buffer xD

  • Mei Lim

    Mei Lim

     21 days ago

    Can you ban chewing during weigh ins? Kassem chews like a cow!

  • Garra garra

    Garra garra

     21 days ago

    Please i have a question
    Why joe rogan r not found in the recents ufc’s weigh in and fight events????

  • Stefan Chen

    Stefan Chen

     1 months ago

    29:07 name of the music pls

  • fezza090


     1 months ago

    I'm gonna make his nose bleed nek minnit

  • justiça cega

    justiça cega

     1 months ago

    Adesanya prepara seu lombo ,porque o borrachinha vai te nocaltear

  • Rose Hans

    Rose Hans

     1 months ago

    Who is Elise? Hahaha. I remember all you weaklings with heavy insecurity issues descended on Izzy because he is confident and certain. Dont project your abject failures on anyone else. Just bcos you have the last your whole life doesnt mean others cant do it. Adesanya will defend his title for a very very long time. He retires at 35 and moves on to bigger and better things. But b4 then, all you ass kissing cowards BOW down to da African Giant. Btw, we, Africans are about to flood this sport and eat all y'all's lunches and dinners. Watch this space. Next is Kamaru to commit a homicide against that masengil pussy Colby and then Ngannou will murder anyone in his path. And then we (Black Africans) start fucking all this shit up. Just dont even argue again...Just submit and say, yes daddy...😂😂

  • TheOliveboy93


     1 months ago

    Haters post up....

  • Tim Shoup

    Tim Shoup

     1 months ago

    Noobs thought the dude who got ko’d by wonderboy at 170 would beat a bigger stronger kickboxer at 185🤣🤣🤣retards.

  • john wriggins

    john wriggins

     1 months ago

    man adesanya look like a god he carried that angelic energy while whittaker went off on beast mode and actually did get his nose bloody ancestor power in fruition good job young force

  • Andrzej Perski

    Andrzej Perski

     1 months ago

    i dont know 50/50

  • bracikmen


     1 months ago

    anyone knows the music at 3:50?

  • アイムバデ


     1 months ago

    Why tai’s nipple so small

  • deepesh giri

    deepesh giri

     1 months ago

    And still the undisputed



     1 months ago


  • Claire Speight

    Claire Speight

     1 months ago

    Those women are like “I just love my job” lol

  • Lobotobilbo


     1 months ago

    What did adesanya say to whittaker? I cant understand what he says there

  • Darci Dark Soul

    Darci Dark Soul

     1 months ago

    Can anyone pls tell me the music for weightin where to get it ??

  • Masta P

    Masta P

     1 months ago

    Nek Minit! Lol



     1 months ago

    Yo who's the new Asian UFC Girl? Gorgeous.