Hasselback Cheesesteak Sandwiches

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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  • King Marcelo

    King Marcelo

     4 months ago

    You make everything look so good and how do you come up with these recipes.

  • Megan Chesnok

    Megan Chesnok

     10 months ago

    Is it just me or is part of the video missing?

  • Shemarrion Webb

    Shemarrion Webb

     11 months ago

    What is this channel's obsession with onions!? STOP WITH THE ONIONS!

  • Amna 12345

    Amna 12345

     a years ago

    Made pakistani foods

  • Chad Gibbs

    Chad Gibbs

     a years ago

    What’s chix

  • منتظر العذاري

    منتظر العذاري

     a years ago

    حلوووو حبي اني هوايه احب طبخاتك

  • Jack


     a years ago

    this is an abomination the bread to meat ratio is completely off and complicates the otherwise simple process of putting hot steak onion peppers with cheese on bread, you don't even need to toast it

    y'all are shameless and unoriginal

  • Epicforlife 195

    Epicforlife 195

     a years ago +1

    They look so good and are Instagramable

  • sillybilly


     a years ago

    Anybody looking to cook this, dont use so much oil you'll end up boiling the steak in oil instead of caramelising the outside. Also after seasoning wrap in in cling film or saran wrap and stick it it the freezer for about 40 minutes, that will firm it up making it easier to slice and not basically tearing like the person demonstrating did. Then let it come back up to room temperature before cooking it. You will get thinner, juicier, more tender and better seasoned steak that way.

  • Neno Branco

    Neno Branco

     a years ago

    Ya'll can't season meat for shit.

  • Gary Silverback

    Gary Silverback

     a years ago

    I was going to type something rude but I changed my mind

  • Gary Silverback

    Gary Silverback

     a years ago

    You've got nice hands.

  • Carrington Standberry

    Carrington Standberry

     a years ago

    Who else it said cheesecake sandwiches



     a years ago +1

    Please! tasty there is more spices than salt and pepper

  • Jane Bone

    Jane Bone

     a years ago

    kinda no

  • Patrick Carroll

    Patrick Carroll

     a years ago

    This is the most pointless recipes ever

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  • lonely potato

    lonely potato

     a years ago

    Psst.. What's the music title? Can someone please tell me.

  • Humayun Kamal

    Humayun Kamal

     a years ago

    Make a video on how to make the perfect garlic bread?

  • sam badpunk

    sam badpunk

     a years ago

    this taste like shit