Custom Gravity Knife Part 1 - Gravity Knife Handles

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 20, 2017
  • Custom Gravity Knife Making Part 1 The Handles

    I have been asked to make a gravity knife as a project for one of my knife making videos. It took me a couple months to come up with a design that was unlike any other gravity knife out there. I wanted the knife to have a very strong mechanism and I also wanted the locking mechanism to be in the center of the handle not on the side like all other gravity knives. This is part one of the gravity knife build, I'm not sure how many videos it is going to take to cover the build.

    Custom Gravity Knife Part 2 is Coming Soon

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  • Benjamin Duez

    Benjamin Duez

     a years ago

    hey man ive watched some of your videos and you seem like ur really good at what you do, ive been wanting a gravity knife/ custom knife for a long time, its proving hard to someone to do it. Would you be any kind of interested

  • leatherface711


     a years ago

    Where are you based out of?

  • zachary case

    zachary case

     a years ago +2

    Hey jake , I do a bit of blacksmithing and I am planning on forge welding a bunch of monster energy drink cans into a monster knife, and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a design

  • Phillip Taylor

    Phillip Taylor

     2 years ago

    Could you make a canister Damascus billet with all the shavings?

  • Joey Atilano

    Joey Atilano

     2 years ago

    Sweet machine work, I cant wait to see the next part.

  • IDoEstereggs


     2 years ago +1

    dude your a fuking legend great content . keep it up you will be big



     2 years ago

    pretty cool, cant wait to see the next video. been waiting to see this for some time, good job.
    question, are you going to be able to do something with the Hotspots on the handel?
    Thanks, Martin

  • jjjjjoeeeeee


     2 years ago

    awesome mill work. Great content as always. Have you thought about making a fidget spinner? I got one and haven't put it down since I got it. Would be interested to see your take on em.

  • keifer225948


     2 years ago +2

    so far so good.. but that music... after the 3rd play i had to skip to the end 👍👍👍