Game Theory: Persona's LOST Shadow... FOUND! (Persona 4)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 8, 2018
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    Persona 5 took critics and gamers by storm - but what about the rest of the series? Persona 4 was an AMAZING game and, looking back at it, I had one BIG QUESTION. Where is our Shadow? The main character that you play as is the only one to not have a Shadow - EXCEPT that they DO! Today Theorists, I am going to expose the BIGGEST SECRET of the Persona series - YOUR SHADOW!!

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  • The Game Theorists

    The Game Theorists

     8 months ago +4073

    I'm sorry. I screwed up with this one. In a few facts and details, certainly, but also in ways that I didn't expect when writing it. And I don't want things to be taken the wrong way, so please, let me clarify:
    First, the intro was not intended to make fun of or belittle the fanbase of Persona in any way, and I'm sorry if it came across as mean spirited. Being protective of a franchise isn't a bad thing. I know from doing episodes on franchises like Dark Souls that there are just fanbases who are more amenable to theorizing than others and by choosing this episode, no matter what I would say, it would make some people angry (even if the facts had all been straight, which again, some weren't). I wrote that intro trying to play up the joke that it was a video no one would like, and in the process, I created a self-fulfilling prophesy that offended people and I'm sorry about that. It's never my intent to offend people. Maybe poke fun of in a joking way or call out for bad behavior (some other YouTubers), but it's never my goal to offend a group of people for liking what they like -- I'm sorry if it came off that way.
    Second, I clearly didn't go deep enough or understand everything as clearly as I thought I did. As with the Phoenix Wright episode (another misjudgment on my part), I thought this game would function well-enough as a stand-alone title, but clearly there were added details in other games as well as supplemental content that I just didn't take into consideration. There were a few facts in this one that I either forgot to double check because I assumed I knew them off the top of my head (Elizabeth) or I could have explained better (Izanami). Again, I should have gone deeper, but time constraints and thinking I had covered all the necessary ground made me stop looking when clearly I should have kept digging.
    Third, sorry for being defensive. My life this past weekend was incredibly stressful and sad, so having a video receive a heavy backlash in the middle of it all was the last thing I needed, which resulted in me losing my head. Please remember that I receive hundreds of comments every day telling me how awful I am as a person and how I should die because I said X about Y character and that 99% of the time I let it run off me, but sometimes it just gets to you. This weekend was one of those times, so I ask you to forgive that brief saltiness.
    And lastly, regarding how I handle criticism, I want you to know that I'm listening. All the time. I read the comments, and yes, I don't respond a lot because when I have in the past, people have taken my responses the wrong way. Instead, I take your comments to heart and try to adjust the programming and scripts on the channel accordingly. Heck, this whole episode was in an effort to try and address some people who were tired of hearing about the same franchises over and over again.
    It's a bit of a Catch-22. My policy always was "Read the criticism and make changes to the series based on the feedback, but never directly call it out." That only prompted a lot of backlash of people saying "He doesn't acknowledge criticism." So, I've tried addressing negativity in a public way, but people criticized me for doing that too saying I was "bad at taking criticism" because I did that. It often feels like a lose-lose situation.
    Just know that I'm not writing this to be defensive, but to sincerely apologize for the mistakes in this video, the lack of clarity in some of the jokes, and to promise you that I will continue to work at getting better about all these issues. - MatPat

  • Windows XP

    Windows XP

     15 hours ago

    You should make a theory about of Persona 5 ;v

  • Awesomefox555



    (Looks at opening) ooooook, matpat is going down the road of self awareness/hatred and is actually starting to scare me...he needs a break...

  • RyuujinLetum



    MatPat I would suggest play Persona 4 Arena and it's sequel Ultimax

  • Gynx Hisaaki

    Gynx Hisaaki

     2 days ago

    ⭐️ Persona 4 Golden lol ⭐️
    He does indeed confront his not-Teddie shadow in persona 4 golden

  • Arcadia


     4 days ago

    Yu's card is 'the world'? Teddie's card is 'the Star'??? Is this f*cking jojo?

  • Talon Barrett

    Talon Barrett

     4 days ago +1

    Persona 4 face your fears

  • Spirit Resonance

    Spirit Resonance

     6 days ago +1

    Joker is in Smash, I’m happy

  • Vegetto million

    Vegetto million

     6 days ago

    I never even knew you did this theory

  • Toby Tomkinson

    Toby Tomkinson

     6 days ago


  • Conner Hermsen

    Conner Hermsen

     7 days ago

    Eeeeeeehhhh maybe stick to the FNAF theories

  • Rumbling Man

    Rumbling Man

     8 days ago

    I was going to say "But in Persona Arena they showed Yu's shadow" but hey, still an interesting take on the original content!..And then I saw the comments and, wow, people really hate on stuff too harshly. I love Persona probably more than most but jeez, acquire chill.
    Kinda more annoyed by the guy's voice than anything, still don't see me resorting to slandering the guy.

  • Muhammad Yahya

    Muhammad Yahya

     9 days ago

    2:45 it is 5 words

  • jacktjong


     10 days ago

    8:1 like-dislike ratio, there's definitely a pist fan-base out there

  • Ginny Tale

    Ginny Tale

     10 days ago

    Have you have ever played persona mat pat

  • Gabe


     11 days ago +1

    The strange thing about this theory, is that Teddy himself states that he had been in the tv world for a long time before people appeared. Sadly, that also means that with the P4MC receiving his powers days before meeting Teddy; it would not be possible for Teddy to be his shadow.
    Honestly, the mistakes made in this video aren’t exactly something that bothers me too much. The statement that the lore contradicts itself would make sense, though sadly it tends to reinforce every point and plug every hole in the spin-offs that could be poked. So it isn’t actually self-contradictory.
    The cool thing about Persona 4 and its shadows is that any person could summon a shadow, whereas in persona 3 and 5 they would have to have a potential that develops into their personas under specific circumstances that reflects what their values are, and those values changing with who they are is one of the factors that play into persona evolution.
    The Velvet room also takes shape according to the wielder of the wild card. The Elevator was symbolic of the ascension and retrieval of transcendence that reflected the journey of the P3MC. Limo in P4 was due to the search for truth, prison in P5 was due to how he was trapped and would have to break free. P1 and P2 took different forms, but also had several wild card users entering them. Again, people probably already burnt you down over this, and honestly Persona is a little bit of a huge game series that may take quite a bit to play, much less pick apart.
    Though the true strengths of the main characters, and what they represent in and of themselves are really cool things to delve into for a theory, that could be a fun lore dump with huge amounts of research.
    Have a wonderful day! I shall now return to fight Elizabeth V1 from Persona 3, Elizabeth VMale from Persona 3 Portable, Elizabeth V0.5, her older but easier to defeat sister from Persona 4, and Elizabeth V0.25 + 0.30 her younger twin sisters from Persona 5.

  • Khadija Al-Hadi

    Khadija Al-Hadi

     12 days ago

    ‘What’s persona 4?’ Was the only thing going through my head when I read the title

  • Master x

    Master x

     13 days ago

    Yu,s persona asendes to the wardo

  • Master x

    Master x

     13 days ago

    Cuz plot

  • minh hung mai

    minh hung mai

     16 days ago

    Yu stand is za warudo
    Teddie stand is star platinum
    Za warudo and star platinum is the same stand
    So teddie is yu