10 Strange Rules Every God Of Destruction Must Follow In Dragon Ball

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 14, 2019
  • Weird Things Every God Of Destruction Does In Dragon Ball Super

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    The Gods of Destruction are an odd bunch. On one hand, they’re some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse where very few beings stand above them. Yet, they’re not immortal or infallible or omniscient and, also, their designs can be rather odd. Nevertheless, the Gods of Destruction are worth discussing. For all the power they possess, the rules they’re bound to can be just as interesting. Now, when we say rules, these are more common elements that Gods of Destruction follow and are not canon rules set in the anime, but a few of them can be described as such.

    For example, as a rule in the anime and manga, Gods of Destruction can’t fight each other or else they’d destroy the universe they’re currently fighting in. This is just one of the rules we’ve seen play out in Dragon Ball Super that the Gods of Destruction follow. Others will touch on their powers, their relationship with the other deities and what sets them apart from the rest of the pantheon of Dragon Ball gods. We’ll also look at their specific relationship with the Kai’s, with Destroyers begin destroyers and Kais being creators. If you want to see more content like this, please be sure to subscribe to CBR and ring that bell for notifications. If you feel we missed something, or want to extrapolate on a topic, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below.


    Entry 1 - DESTROY
    Entry 3 - POWER
    Entry 4 - BALANCE THE KAIS
    Entry 6 - MENTOR
    Entry 8 - ANGER
    Entry 10 - EARN DIVINITY


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  • Khalin Davis

    Khalin Davis

     4 months ago +800

    @ 4:57 it looked like beerus was the one commentating😂

  • Cameron Morgan

    Cameron Morgan


    Theres a few things he says that makes it sound like he don't know what he talking about

  • Uchiha Parker

    Uchiha Parker

     5 days ago

    Time travel

  • Jordan Hyatt

    Jordan Hyatt

     5 days ago +1

    Grand preast can kill angles so he also rules angles!!!

  • Lord Bishamonten

    Lord Bishamonten

     7 days ago

    Aren’t all angels siblings?

  • Mark Williams

    Mark Williams

     7 days ago

    Bad situation if she lie to me. AD. better to be super single than injured. Niggas know about you lying ho. You better tell the truth or get someone else to.

  • 5k subs with 1 video

    5k subs with 1 video

     7 days ago

    This is how many times he said destruction (click the dislike for it)
    I I I I I

  • Trainer Jayden

    Trainer Jayden

     7 days ago +1

    Beerus and Goku fight

    Goku: ok where’s the supreme Kai

  • Coldfusionstorm Gaming

    Coldfusionstorm Gaming

     14 days ago

    Vegeta has NOT agreed to be a Destroyed he in fact went out of his way to avoid it. Whiz agrees to Train him on the condition that one day he will be a destroyer vegeta hesitates and whiz is about to leave, And THEN Vegeta pull out all the stunt of making food that will "blow thier mind"..

    Vegeta could just have said yes the first time whiz said yes with the condition of making Vegeta a destroyer some day @CBR

    He SPECIFICALLY went out of his way to avoid being a destroyer!

  • halfway kotaz

    halfway kotaz

     14 days ago

    These aren't strange rules.

  • Justin Shih

    Justin Shih

     14 days ago

    Actually power levels do matter with the power of destruction. When Vegeta was fight toppo. Vegeta was able to touch the power destruction. The only chance any begin touching it is to surpass the power of the power of destruction.

  • saransh gautam

    saransh gautam

     14 days ago

    can anyone send a download link db , dbz and so on

  • Zeneren The Emperor

    Zeneren The Emperor

     14 days ago

    If vegeta bacame the supreme kai and goku become the g.o.d vegeta will do suicide so he can finally beat goku

  • killer the 1st

    killer the 1st

     21 days ago

    Let get in yo t-talk about them voice crack

  • CraftyCole09


     21 days ago

    0:34 to t t talk about them

  • Deat Gaming

    Deat Gaming

     21 days ago

    I come for the porn music, and stay for the lore.

  • Riley Hubbert

    Riley Hubbert

     21 days ago

    sis all angels are related theirs no coincidence

  • Khushboo Pradeep

    Khushboo Pradeep

     21 days ago

    Mui goku is stronger than beerus

  • Kermit


     21 days ago

    10 strange rules CBR must follow in order to get views

  • Marcus Jackson

    Marcus Jackson

     21 days ago

    Im sad that Vegeta via hook or crook will be the god of destruction but I know it will be for two reasons.
    1: so he canbhave yltimste power (to beat goku aaaand protect his family)
    2: because hes the only one who would know it needs to be done.