Top 10 Disney Villain Songs [HD]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 8, 2015
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  • candydoglove roblox

    candydoglove roblox

     11 hours ago +1

    I dont care if shrek is DreamWorks it still deserves to be number one

  • Happy Loner :D

    Happy Loner :D

     12 hours ago

    Even as a kid, I always secretly loved Frollo's song. It will always be the best

  • Maul


     12 hours ago

    15:33-15:40 those few verses sound like me!

  • Squek


     13 hours ago

    Ok but can we all agree a fight with all these villains would be Lit?

  • Nicole Wheeler

    Nicole Wheeler

     13 hours ago

    Of course that's number 1

  • Deanna Hilbert

    Deanna Hilbert

     16 hours ago


  • Lilith Hedwig

    Lilith Hedwig

     yesterday +1

    A few years ago I was OBSESSED with the Italian version of Zira's song and I must say now that I've heard the original I think the Italian one is 100x better tbh

  • Job Lohmeijer

    Job Lohmeijer

     2 days ago

    Why do al the villians preform big band jazz songs?

  • The Ceiling Fan

    The Ceiling Fan

     2 days ago

    “No thic and Gaston”
    Me : Time traveler much

  • 37Ey mochi

    37Ey mochi

     2 days ago

    First place should be Davy Jones Suit. In ma opinion dunt be mad.

  • Angelalex242


     2 days ago

    Missing Savages from Pocohontas.

  • ary0212


     2 days ago

    Oogie Boogie is a Disney Villain?

  • Khia Smith

    Khia Smith

     2 days ago

    No one falls of a roof and dies like Gaston

  • Mackenzie Edwards

    Mackenzie Edwards

     2 days ago

    Why isn't Gaston first? Hellfire plays Oh. that's acceptable.

  • Thomas Latshaw

    Thomas Latshaw

     3 days ago

    That moment when you notice the pink girl twerking at 3:15

  • Rachel Willer

    Rachel Willer

     3 days ago

    I totally agree with your no.1

  • Icarus Binns

    Icarus Binns

     3 days ago

    Honestly, Be Prepared is my absolute favorite. I never cried at Mufasa’s death, but I always cry at Scar’s



     3 days ago

    My fav is Mother knows best(reprise)

  • silverforgold


     3 days ago

    Mother Gothel’s song is perfect at showing how manipulative and verbally abusive she is to Rapunzel. And the drama! I love it

  • Nokimian ay

    Nokimian ay

     3 days ago +1

    No one eats eggs like Gaston no one f Falls off a skyscraper And dies like Gaston I’m now on Farts like Gaston